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    • Ahh thank you! Tell me about it I love everything about it, the clothes the candles – I’m so excited xo

    • Ah same! Basically why I did it 😉 I love halloween being in a small village its so cute! I can’t get enough of autumn! x

    • It is SO GOOD! It literally tastes like pear and cinnamon strudel and basically like autumn! It’s from Ahmad teas, they’re stuff it amazing! xx

    • Ahh I’m so glad! Everyone should be excited for autumn 😉 Its such a must! Can’t get enough of it aha! thank you so much! x

    • I get so into it my whole family thinks I’m so weird😂 but I also love spring! The flowers are so pretty and everything’s beginning to blossom! Also Easter!

  1. Think everyone’s in agreement here about autumn being the best season! Didn’t even know the autumn tag existed, great post! Holly xo

    • I know! At first I thought I was one of a minority but I was wrong aha! Neither until recently, I got so excited when I saw it, thank you lovely! xo

    • I am enjoying this sunshine! As knowing England we won’t have it for a while after this so we need to cherish it! But I am SO ready for autumn! x

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