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  1. roseamyh says

    I know a few people who’ve been to Japan through Scouting & Guiding – a couple went to jambo & one went with her unit. It’s so much work just to fundraise for national camps, let alone international! You raised an insane amount, that’s incredible!

    • Em says

      Ahh no way! I hope they had a great time! It was an insane amount, and was so much work! A lot more than some of us thought! Thank you so much lovely!

      • roseamyh says

        Yeah 🙂 I thought about going to Jambo as IST but I didn’t want to be doing loads of fundraising etc while at uni! I’m a brownie leader though so lots of organising went on to take them on pack holiday haha!

        • Em says

          Ahhh that makes sense! It was a struggle doing it with GCSEs and AS levels so I can’t imagine how it’d be with uni!! Aww lovely! Aha!

  2. Jessica Emily says

    Wow this is amazing! You should be very proud 🙂 some great Fund raising ideas here too. Well done you 💖 X

    • Em says

      Thank you! As do I, it’s interesting to see how people do it, in the smaller ways as well as the large!

  3. Becky says

    Congrats!! That’s amazing. You’ve listed some really good ideas. I’d love to do some fundraising whether it be raising money for charity, or funding a trip etc, It would be hard work but some aspects would be fun, working with other people and getting the community involved! I bet Japan is incredible, you’re so lucky!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    • Em says

      Thank you so much! It is a lot of work, but is 100% worth it! It’s really fun and you spread word of either trips or charities in the community! And you can learn so much from it believe it or not! Japan is amazing, thank you so much! xx

  4. Summer says

    Hey! Loved this post! I’m currently in the process of arranging a blogger event as part of the GRLPOWRCHAT group in a aid of youngminds charity. Id love for you to get involved (if you wanted to ofc!) dm me on Twitter? @theblondecafe_ xxx

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