A little change

I used to be the girl who did all the sports. I’d dance weekly and wake up at 5am everyday to go on a run. I loved just getting fit, sweaty and feeling good.

But the last few years, for reasons I am not ready to share. I haven’t been able to do that as much. And however hard I’ve tried, I’ve failed at getting on track with fitness.

I’m not unfit. But my body just doesn’t feel happy with me. And as this new gap year begins, I’ve stood my ground and decided it was time for a change. No more excuses and putting it off.

But as great and determined as this sounds, it won’t be easy. For a lot of people they could simply get up and go to the gym, or go on a run or whatever they desire to take up. But alas I can’t exactly do that. I need to take baby steps.

I’m writing this post as I want to take my blog along with me, and I wanted to make it clear that by no means am I a fitness expert, I am really starting at the bottom. And I’m not doing this to loose weight, be skinny or anything like that. My goal is as simple as being fit, healthy and happy.

My brother was incredibly kind and for y 18th bought me some Nike Free Runs, which I was completely mind blown by! And of course getting new fitness gear always boosts your moral! And this insanely kind act has definitely encouraged me to stick to this goal.

So I’ve been thinking of the little goals to make this happen and here are a few things I want to do to kick off my little lifestyle boost:

Be consistent

There have been points where I will attempt to get fit so will get on the exercise bike and cycle for about an hour. But then won’t be able to repeat it. So I want to do smaller things like small walks or runs or workouts but consistently.


Now I’m not meaning calorie counting and all that palava when I say diet. I literally mean be aware of whats going into my body. I’m quite a healthy eater, but I can’t help myself if there’s biscuits around! I also don’t do much in the way of meals – I’m what they call a grazer.

Drink more water

Again, something I generally did a lot. But recently haven’t been as good at. So I want to drink more, as it really does help!

Find a workout buddy

I really believe having someone beside me will really help! So I actually need to find a friend who wants to be little fitness buddies with me.

Wake up earlier

Again, something I was very good at, but recently especially have been waking up at silly hours and because of that slumping around doing nothing all day, and I definitely like to make the most of my day!

Hopefully, in doing these I can find myself on a better platform to actually getting back into fitness! But I really wanted to share this post to take you lovely people along and as I am kind of starting from the bottom hopefully I can test and figure out what works for me, and hopefully share them!!

Until next time lovelies,

Em x