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  1. Kayleigh Zara says

    This is something that always bothers me as well! My auntie works for a bank and she has been told to wear heels for certain meetings and has refused to on some accounts and they just send her home, it’s ridiculous really X

    • Em says

      No way?? Its such a pointless issue, like it shouldn’t be an issue what women wear? And men for that matter! x

  2. Charlene McElhinney says

    I can feel your passion, your personality and your heart throughout this post.
    You shared this on #teacupclub and said sorry for the rant – no need to say sorry chick! I bet you felt a lot better after posting this and getting it off your chest and out there, right!?
    Keep up the phenomenal work.

    Charlene McElhinney

    • Em says

      Aww this comment made me so happy, thank you so much for these words lovely! I did feel a lot better, because I was able to speak my feelings which was great. Thank you so so much! xx

  3. itsbeccajayne says

    I NEVER let anyone dictate what I wear because guess what? It’s my body. That isn’t even a deep feminist point, but a HUMANIST issue. Great post lovely- I totally agree with everything you said here! X

    • Em says

      YAS GAL, you know it. Exactly, making someone become some sort of walking advertisement is against all human logic and rights. Thank you so much! x

  4. Love Emily x says

    Love love love this post! It’s so great to have people so passionate about these things and willing to express them. You’re so right, things need to be changed in society otherwise we will go back to the sexual divide there once was!

    I had a man in B&Q make a sarcastic remark about me because I was in a DIY shop and willing to do work with my boyfriend?! I was so offended but unsure about whether to actually say anything to him or after on my blog! You’re inspirational!! Love your blog xx


    • Em says

      Thank you so much! I was umming about posting this then thought, why should I worry? This is such a real issue and without talking about it how are we going to resolve it? Exactly, we’re called the human race for a reason! No way? Some people just don’t get it do they, it’s 2016 you should be able to be in B&Q and do DIY stuff without any questions. Aww thank you so much, it genuinely means the world to me!! xx

  5. emshum says

    Thank you so much for saying something about this! It’s so upsetting that this is still a problem!

    • Em says

      You are ever so welcome, it definitely needed to be said! I know right, like come on it’s 2016?! Thank you for reading!

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