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  1. Jay says

    Yes! This is just what I needed! I’ve been trying to find workout playlists for a while because I feel as though I’m not motivated without it. Thanks for sharing! xo


    • Em says

      Ahh I’m so glad!! As have I, but they’ve either been too heavy or just not right. So I resulted to creating my own and mixing some sassy bits and fast bass stuff – so I’m so glad you like it!! It definitely helps motivation, which is why I wanted my playlist to be just right! Thank you for reading lovely! xx

  2. Nena says

    Music definitely gets me pumped to workout! I like listening to a variety of things, but I noticed I tend to go for more rock and electronica when I’m out running.

    • Em says

      I think a variety is good, but I think with something like running there is definitely a specific people go for, as they’re running at a particular pace!

  3. Jessica Emily says

    Some great choices there! I can’t work out without music – it’s so important 🙂 x

  4. Caroline O says

    Music is a huge part of my workout, some of the are absolutely great for it, will have to try them all out! x

  5. abbeylouisarose says

    Really like this blog post idea! Got to have some Beyonce in any workout playlist haha – she is an absolute goddess and her tunes are kick-ass and so motivating! I really like ‘Stay High’ as well, I had that stuck in my head for such a long time!! Thanks for sharing, hun!

    Abbey ✨ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • Em says

      Ahh thank you! Thought it was a nice easy read, and a nice little thing to share. We all need a bit of Beyonce in our lives, she is a queen! Yaaas such a good song, as did I aha! Thank you so much for reading! x

    • Em says

      As am I, was hoping there would be others like me aha! Ahh no way, good luck gal! It’s okay, thank you so much for reading! x

    • Em says

      Aww no way! Aha it’s a rare I’m awake at that time though, but I’m glad I did it! Thank you for reading! x

  6. lisa says

    Music is the only thing that motivates me to exercise! It also motivates me to clean. Thank you for sharing your playlist. Run the World always makes me feel so sassy when it comes on! Especially when I’m doing the hoovering!
    Lisa | fairlyrosy.com

    • Em says

      Same really! Ahh no way, I might need to try that! I’m so bad at cleaning aha! Yaaas same! Aha thats great! x

  7. Gabby says

    I’ve recently got back into the gym and I’m loving this playlist! we listen to the same gym tunes girl 🙂

    • Em says

      Ahh no way, I’m so glad!! Music always helps me get pumped and inspired, you can do it gal!! Hope it goes well! x

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