autumn to do list

Relish autumn.

Having spoken to a few people, I’ve come to realise that not everyone shares my tenderness for autumn. For one reason or another they just don’t see the wonders of autumn like I do. So I’m writing this in hope to change that or at least get people feeling autumnal, as I have been there, the spirit just wasn’t there. But here is a little autumn to do list of autumnal things to do to get that autumn feels.


I’ve grown up living in the countryside, and I love it. At autumn we wrap up and just walk around, as everywhere is so fresh and different and at autumn, forests are my favourite box of crayons. And even better, coming home from a walk in the crisp air to a warm home, whacking on some cosy pyjamas and having a cuppa – there’s nothing like it.


Autumn is all about cosiness, and what says cosy like wrapping up in jumpers and blankets and fluffy socks. Then lighting loads of nice smelling candles and putting on a film (Harry Potter is a personal fave for these nights). These are my favourite type of nights, whether you’re alone, with family or friends, they are just quaint and easy.


I love doing this throughout the year, but it’s especially great in autumn. Something like apple picking at an orchard, where you could then go home and make a dish like apple crumble, gives you real autumn feels.


We did many bonfires in summer, and as lovely as they are, they did get too warm. So I feel autumn is perfect for them, in the evenings with friends, curled in blankets roasting some marshmallows. And, who doesn’t love the smell of bonfire on your clothes and hair?


I’m sure you are all aware of the classic pumpkin spice latte that comes out this time of year at Starbucks. And it’s generally said, once you’ve had your first you officially feel autumnal. And for myself that’s so true! But obviously it isn’t for everyone. But I still think the idea of a hot drink does really make you feel autumnal! So maybe make a hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows, of course) or maybe even a fruity, spicy tea – we all know my favourite is the Ahmad pear and cinnamon strudel tea. This is so relaxing and is like a cosy liquid hug!


Who doesn’t love warm bakes to have on a cold afternoon. And with autumn there are so many seasonal bakes. All the spiced and fruity flavours you can experiment with – and with it being bake off season it’s perfect to get your bake on!


Autumn has an amazing array of colours, and you can really go to town with different assortments. So maybe go on a little walk with your camera and take some snaps. I think this really helps you discover your little loves for this season, as your photography eye catches what you find appealing.


One of my personal favourites, jumpers on tops, jackets of jumpers, scarfs of jackets and a big coat. You can’t go wrong with layering clothes and its fashionable to be warm – who could not like that??

There are some little loves of mine for autumn and ideas that hopefully help you feel a little more autumnal.

Until next time,

Em x