Christmas Blogger Gift Swap.

If I haven’t said it countless times on Twitter, I love Christmas. Especially buying, wrapping and giving gifts.

So when I came across this Christmas Blogger Gift Swap on A Piece of Viola’s  blog, I got maybe a bit too excited. It is such a lovely idea to bring bloggers together for Christmas and spread a little spirit with everyone.

The general gist is you get a partner and establish a budget or maybe a theme or challenge (something typical for where you live for instance). And then, simply, you send each other gifts and hopefully have a new blogging friend for life!


Well, here is Viola’s blog post, and she has explained it better than I ever could. But in a nutshell you fill in a google form she has created, then you will get an email from Viola. Once you get said email she asks you write a blog post about it within 5 days of getting the email, so we can get as many people as we possibly can involved and spread all the Christmas spirit and make more blogger friends! And then, you send off your gifts – simple as!

When sharing your gifts and spirit, feel free to put #apovgiftswap on all your tweets and instagrams, so everyone can see all the lovely different ideas and new friendships!

I truly think this is a wonderful idea and I really hope you join in too! I can’t wait to meet my pressie partner and send off something they’ll hopefully love.

Until next time,

Em x