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  1. Yay! I’ve been admittedly curious about your face! You’re a lovely girl, and I’m excited to see what you do with this new openness. Best of luck 😚

    • Aww thank you so much! Ahaha bless you! It is, but I definitely felt ready having lovely people (like yourself) around! And hopefully it’ll be a step in the right direction – thank you again! xx

  2. I’m so proud of you, Em!! This really is a HUGE step. It really is hard mixing the two. It still is a little scary at the thought of opening up more. I’m so proud of you! And just sayin’, you are GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to be able to see your blog grow xoxo


    • Awww thank you so so much lovely! It is huge but I’m happy I’ve made that step! It is so scary, but I think will be good for me. Thank you! Aww you’re way too kind 😉 Bless you, thank you so much! So much love gal xoxo

  3. Hello! I think blogging works so well when we get more personal, it’s lovely to see you though 😀


  4. Hi Em! You’re doing great Hun I love your blog ☺️ and well done for booking events! I haven’t been brave enough yet ! Lovely post x

  5. Yay!! I’ve only been blogging a short while and I love it, so many great people online. You’re definitely one of them! Keep up the great work 💖💖

  6. Hi Em! Nice to meet you!
    I’m also a very private person when it comes to social media, but somehow I feel connected with people I meet online.


    • Heyy! It’s good to sometimes just find your feet, but yeah everyone is just so accepting and I wholeheartedly feel like I can be me which is lovely!

  7. Hello, Em. I’m kinda new and I saw your post. I think you’re beautiful and I’m glad you have people that support you. (:

  8. Well hello! I know the fear of people finding out ways too well, as being ‘anonymous’ myself, too. Maybe, one day, there will a post like this be found on my blog – And I desperately hope that, if there will ever be a post as such on my blog, it’ll be just as beautifully written and heartwarming as yours.

    lots of love

    • Hey! It’s so daunting, and being anonymous is completely okay, adds a little enigma to your blog! You never know! Aww thank you so much, I’m sure it’ll be very beautifully written!

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