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    • Em says

      They do me too! Just holding myself up aha! Amazing, if you do tell me how it goes! (I miss them out too sometimes don’t worry aha) xx

  1. Lisa says

    I think I might need to give working out at home a try, I hate gyms. Good on you for getting into a nice routine, I’m way too lazy and unmotivated to set up a routine but I want to change it before the obligatory New Years rez.

    Lisa | fairlyrosy.com

    • Em says

      Gyms stress me out so I totally get that! And I genuinely love this workout, it’s not an all in one no breaks intense workout its nice and casual but really works! You can 100% do it!! Having that thought is the first step and it’s all up hill from here lovely! x

    • Em says

      I know exactly how you feel, and home workouts are so good as theres no memberships, equipment or faffing around to the gym! Thank you!

  2. Vee says

    This is a great piece – I’ve been looking for a quite workout for a while so it’s lovely to see other people routines. I’d love to hear more about how it’s working for you/how you feel from being more active!

    With love, V x

    • Em says

      Aww I’m glad this is helpful! I love seeing other people’s workouts too and how they work for people! I’ve genuinely seen great results from this! x

  3. Jessica & James says

    Sounds like a great workout, can’t say we ever do workout but as most would say “we want to start” but this is for real this time and maybe trying something new like this will help! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

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