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  1. I LOVE these posts too. Call me nosey…lol I’m happy to see that you have other random stuff because I HATE when these posts turn into just perfect purses. I mean I use mine like my home so it’s always got a TON of stuff.

    • There’s just something about looking at someone’s stuff aha! I know, all these beautiful purses and accessories and then I look in mine and it’s just rubbish aha!

  2. I’m super obsessed with these posts too! I don’t know if I could ever do one though as I seem to carry around so much rubbish! Yours seems super organised! x

    • Nooo you should! I think people like the cluttered ones, it’s more accurate and genuine, people relate! Trust me is isn’t always this organised aha! x

  3. I belong to the nosey category too. I LOVE knowing what other people have. Just for general knowledge lol. Great post Em. 😊

  4. Cute post! I like these posts too. My bag is Sooo messy so I couldn’t do one of these haha! It would be like and here’s 300 receipts I’ve had for years… Great post I enjoyed reading x

    • Ahh thank you, it’s just a cheapy from Smiths believe it or not! I’m trying to get better at it aha! x

  5. I’m pretty much carry the same bits in my bag especially for beauty and just bits and bobs x

  6. I’m exactly the same as you as I love these posts! I need to try and be more organised with my bag haha! I haven’t used my old school bag in months and it desperately needs cleaning out!

    Hannah | alongsidehannah.blogspot.co.uk

  7. I love these posts!! Like you I’m the nosiest person ever and want to see what’s going on in people’s bags. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has random tickets and tablets at the bottom of mine. Painkillers are good though, so useful to have around for me or someone else who needs them!

    Oh and I love your bag, it’s cute!

    Lisa | http://www.fairlyrosy.com

    • Why bags I don’t know I’m just so intrigued! All the time, and from so long ago I don’t even know how! Very true! Ahh thank you lovely! x

  8. Love these kinds of posts, can definitely relate to finding receipts at the bottom of my bag! x

    Amy | notsomousybrown.com

  9. Can I have your bag though? It’s so perrrrfect! It’s dope, I love it! 🔥🔥🔥 Greay post overall!! Every girl has so much things in their bags! Guys couldn’t ever imagine lol

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