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  1. Lauren says

    That’s so nice that you’ve lived in the same house your whole like, I’ve lived in 10 houses so far in my life!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    • Em says

      No way thats crazy?! How do you cope with all the new places?? I love where I live but I’m ready for a change I think! x

  2. Lisa says

    I can’t roll my R’s either 🙁 🙁 didn’t help me when I was learning Spanish in school. x

  3. Sahara says

    Congrats on being nominated!

    I can’t roll my R’s too literally nope no matter how many times I tried in Spanish class it was just not happening! You should definitely take up swimming again, who knows maybe we’ll see you in Tokyo 2020!

    • Em says

      Awh thank you lovely! I was exactly the same, the amount of people who tried to teach me but it just didn’t work! You never know aha! x

    • Em says

      It was so much to write, I love these type of posts! If you haven’t already done it I’m nominating you ;)❤

  4. Jessica Emily says

    Well done for learning a new language! I’d love to speak Spanish if only I had the motivation! Great post 🙂 x

  5. louisechatters says

    Loved getting to know you more through this post! Giraffes are my favourite too and I couldn’t live without eyebrow makeup! x

  6. Clare Hannigan says

    Lovely post! I love reading these posts. Strangely enough I used to have a very similar imaginary friend except her name was ‘Pink Girl’. Coincidence? xx

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