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Let’s Talk Christmas.

Some of you, like myself, will be ecstatic for this post, Christmas only just around the corner we’re all starting to slip into those festive pjs, get the Christmas activities going and turning up a bit of Buble. Whilst others may give a unanimous sigh at the thought. Alas I cannot please all, let’s talk Christmas.

And when I got a very exciting email asking if I wanted to be a part of the Satsuma Thrifty Christmas Campaign, I couldn’t say no. It is such a fab idea and, meant I was able to write a post about Christmas! So I thought I’d share my plans for the festive season, and some little ways you can get festive too (and for those bloggers out there, some Blogmas ideas too!)

Shall we begin?

First of all I wanted to share my thoughts on ‘the true meaning of Christmas’. Which simply, to me, is giving. Giving can mean a lot of things, the obvious of giving gifts, giving appreciation or gratitude, giving a moment of thought towards the new year ahead, giving love, there’s so much to it. And after a few months of feeling major grateful in so many ways. I feel it’s time to give back to the world. So I have decided this Christmas to do a reverse advent.

A what?? You ask, let me explain. Every day, like you’d grab your advent calendar, tear open the little box and savour on a chocolate telling your tastebuds it’s one less day to go. I will be going to my cupboards and finding maybe a tin of beans, some pasta, and placing it in a box. At the end of advent I will then take said box to donate to the food bank. We all deserve to have the well fed Christmas so many of us take as a normality.

Other plans for the festive season are mainly our family traditions. Something we all hold very close to our hearts, and believe it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. The first has actually just passed, in the October half term my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins come down to the Cotswolds, they rent a cottage or converted barn of sorts and spend a week or so down here. We don’t usually see them until Christmas after that, so this is where Christmas planning begins. We sit down and bring out our collection of Christmas magazines we’ve all collected over the last few weeks and flick through as many as we can, writing down gift ideas, food ideas, anything Christmassy! Without this, I don’t know how I’d get into my Christmas spirit!

We also always visit Startford-Apon-Avon, why there? I honestly don’t know. But again, if I wasn’t to go there, I wouldn’t feel Christmassy. We go up, get some lunch then ponder about the shops all decked up ready for Christmas, it’s where the Christmas shopping begins. Startford is also such a pretty place and at Christmas is simply wonderful.

A personal tradition of mine as well is your classic, decorate the bedroom all festive, get some hot chocolate, wrap presents and write cards whilst watching Christmas films (my favourites The Polar Express).

If that hasn’t got you wanting to wrap yourself in tinsel then here are some ideas for you to get festive this season:

  • Physically go Christmas shopping, the earlier the less crowds, the more fun!
  • Get a Costa or Starbucks, need I say more?
  • Watch old Vlogmases or read old Blogmases
  • Watch a Christmas film with a warm drink (or, if you’re old enough, something a little more cheeky) and blankets
  • Fill the room with festive scents
  • Go to a garden centre, they always have the best Christmas decorations!
  • Go to a Christmas market
  • If you’re a blogger, plan/write Blogmas posts or just Christmassy posts!
  • Take yourself back to your primary school days and make a cute Christmas decoration
  • Spend time with family, friends, those who mean most to you

Finally, if you are also a blogger and maybe planning on doing Blogmas but maybe can’t think of that many posts, here are some ideas for you:

  • Christmas themed makeup look (SFX or normal makeup)
  • Your Christmas traditions
  • Looking back at Christmas through the years
  • Your tips and ideas on getting in the festive spirit
  • A Christmas DIY
  • A Christmas tree tour
  • Wrapping ideas
  • Log a Christmassy day out
  • Get baking, share a recipe or share some little easy Christmas treat ideas

I love talking about Christmas. And I am so ready. So, I hope you liked this little bundle of festive talk, and the ideas!!

Until next time,

Em x