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  1. Jessica & James says

    There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to clearly see a goal written down and saying you’ve done it. This is such a different type of layout and I love it! Could really use these in the household – thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

    • Em says

      Thats so true, it’s a feeling nothing can compare to. Its such a lovely process! Thank you for reading!

    • Em says

      Definitely do all their stuff is so so lovely!! Exactly, being so open ended you can take it in any direction you want and really focus on what you want not what it’s telling you. Thank you lovely! xo

  2. keepingupwithMJ says

    I like this, for people who need to jot everything done (like me) 🏁this works! PS your handwriting is so cute lol. Nothing feels better than accomplishing goals that has been set for the week! Great post!

    • Em says

      I’m exactly the same, having everything written down makes like 10x easier! Aw thank you aha!! So so true, thank you lovely! xo

  3. Jay says

    I love this post, Em! I love things that make you more aware and on top of that it’s helping you set goals. I’m so into all the planning, motivational posts right now and this was right up my street. I’m definitely going to check out that Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing! xoxox
    (P.S. your hand writting is gorgeous! Makes mine look like chicken scratch haha)


    • Em says

      Aww thank you hun! As do I, I think they’re so so important to have. They’re such lovely posts to read I don’t blame you, and I’m so glad! Do it do it! Thank you for reading! xoxox (aha aww thank you!! I’m sure it doesn’t lovely!)

    • Em says

      That’s exactly it and I honestly think it made me so much more aware of my daily life not just life as a whole which was really good! x

    • Em says

      I love the concept of mindfulness, I’ve really followed it the last 2 years so anything related always interests me! Then this is perfect for you lovely!

    • Em says

      Thats a good way of doing it I’ve never though of that! I love writing stuff down it’s my favourite way of getting my goals down!

  4. Lisa says

    That is the prettiest weekly goals pdf I’ve seen, it’s clean, to the point and I definitely think I’ll check it out. I need something to make me think a little more about what I want to achieve on a weekly basis. Great share, Em (ps I still love your handwriting) x

    • Em says

      I’m still not over how pretty it is! It honestly helps, just by a few words. Thank you! (Aha aww thank you!) x

  5. louisechatters says

    I absolutely love this! I used the happiness planner for 100 days and it was so good! Gonna have a look into this. Fab post as always Em x

    • Em says

      I’ve heard good things about that I definitely need to try it as I’m all about it! Definitely do! Thank you lovely! xx

  6. possiblysami says

    This is actually so pretty and nice and would definitely make me feel a lot more organised with my life haha. I love this post! x


  7. Rachel says

    Aww I love this! It’s a perfect present for my sister for Christmas too… she needs this! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

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