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    • Em says

      Same here aha! But it’s all in the little things and you can’t beat a Christmassy walk! thank youuu x

  1. Sophie says

    Thanks for writing this! So nice to see a post that focuses on our health but not about manic weight loss or crazy exercise plans – definitely a time to take care of ourselves in small ways <3 xx


  2. Emily says

    I love the idea of Christmas walks — it’s such a great way to get out and see everyone’s decorations, and really immerse yourself in the feeling of the season! And more water is always a good idea, especially with the heat on indoors. Gotta stay hydrated!


  3. alittlereader says

    This is really helpful as the Christmas season is here I do eat way to much and it is simplt because I can 😂 I get so much chocolate and think I have to eat it in one go! I’m defiantly going to try savour them now and enjoy them much more & I love Christmas walks ❤️ Great post Em – Sarah xoxo

    • Em says

      Ahaha don’t we all though!! I know I see it as a challenge so I just scoff it all aha! Thank you lovely! xoxo

  4. Romina says

    Great tips. Such a nice change to see a post about keeping fit during the festive season x

  5. Jessica Emily says

    These are great tips especially going for walks – I love a brisk walk in winter and it always wakes me up after I’ve eaten too much! Great post xx

  6. abbeylouisarose says

    I couldn’t agree more about taking it slowly and going for a small portion initially! It’s soooo tempting to pig out at this time of year but sometimes your body does need a while to realise how full it is! I just love wintry walks as well, especially when I take my dogs with me! Thanks for sharing your advice, Em!

    Abbey 😇 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  7. adriannecalgie says

    I absolutely love Christmas walks! 🙂 you’re so right, it’s easy to fall into a slump over the festive period and be full of regret come new year. I still keep up with my gym/swimming habits up until Christmas- not just because I want to eat all the things, but exercise lifts my mood on dark days and it’s easier to stay in the habit come new year


    • Em says

      As do I! We all do to an extent, which is fair enough the Christmas season is for those things but sometimes we can just maintain ourselves! That’s amazing, exactly what exercise should be for, making you feel better!! Go you! X

  8. Crutchesoflife says

    This is good advice! I’m getting most of my fitness from being on crutches haha! But I’d hate to be someone who diets in December, it’s so wrong! I always diet in January basically because I’m fed up of even looking at food so I can lose weight easily after Christmas and new year! X

  9. Julia says

    Love that it’s not a diet or run 10 miles everyday post lol, these tips actually seem reasonable!

  10. holakathleen says

    This is so helpful for me as over the past month I have changed my diet dramatically and started a ‘healthy eating journey’ of my own. I was incredibly worried about Christmas and becoming complacent about what I was eating and not doing enough. This has given me some little tips of where to start. The drinking water part is so important and it has changed everything for me and make me look less bloated and improved the condition of my skin.

    I totally agree with you. Christmas walks are amazing, especially if it is really cold and I am all wrapped up warm. It’s so festive and easy to do. Thank you for writing this, it is great advice! xx

    • Em says

      Ahh gal that’s amazing! And I’m so so glad this helped, I hope all goes well and just don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s Christmas! I drink so so much water it helps massively with bloating and my skin too!
      Yesss they’re perfect I love them so much! Thank you so much I’m so glad you liked it! Xx

  11. Greta Lamfel says

    Hi Emily

    Wow, great article for the Christmas foodie lovers, as a HUGE festive lover I will definitely keep these quick tips in mind.
    I love Christmas gammon and corned beef – YUM 🙂

    Kind regards

    • Em says

      Thank you I’m so glad you like it! Aha I’m a veggie so alas don’t concur however I’m a fan of all the pastries and party foods Christmas brings!

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