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  1. gotmeghan says

    Beautiful once again!!

    I also use a clutch purse. I can’t use a normal purse, I’ve tried different styles: medium to as small as you can get, but when my mom gave a clutch she wasn’t even using, I stared to realize this was my kind of bag! I literally have enough stuff to store in it and I can hold on across my ankle when I go out. It’s very handy! 🙂

    • Em says

      Thank you!! Yes I’ve never delved into that world before I just stick to what I know but I’m so glad I’ve tried it as I honestly love it so much it’s perfect size for everything!!

      • gotmeghan says

        You’re welcome! It is the perfect size purse, but I might need to get a bigger one since I’m now running out of room in mine! Lol

  2. Fox with a Bob says

    That bag is gorgeous and goes so well with the outfit! Just posted a Top 5. of Xmas gifts for men myself, but buying for women or oneself is far more fun.

  3. Maisie says

    Clutch bags are an essential in my wardrobe hehe! Primark actually have some amazing ones at the moment!
    Love this whole look Em! x

    • Em says

      They’ve definitely become one in mine now! Ahh no way I’ll have to go have a look! Thank youuuu! X

  4. Della says

    The bag looks lush, definitely a piece you can use on a variety of occasions! You’re such a stunning girl, lovely photos xx

  5. possiblysami says

    Okay I just love the pun at the start haha! And that clutch is actually so pretty aw. It looks so elegant and classy. And you’re like a model omg look at you. So pretty girly! x

    • Em says

      Ahaha glad someone gets me!! It’s gorgeous I love it! Oh my gosh you’re way too kind thank you lovely x

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