Christmas Wonders.

I’m sure if you’ve been reading this little blog you’re much aware that I really relish on the idea of finding little wonders and adventure at your doorstep. And you do not have to go far.

I think sometimes it’s easy to be oblivious to the things close to you. You look further out. But it’s good to check up on the goings on in your local area. May it be through newsletters, posters or on the internet like through Eventbrite. Eventbrite helps people find and plan their events with the fab event planning software they use. I’ve used them a few times now for events and it’s easy, to the point and so useful.

I live in the Cotswolds, or as I like to call it the middle of newhere, but which is countryside heaven. And Christmas in the countryside is just utterly gorgeous. When wondering where to go and share with everyone was so hard because honestly there are a thousand places I could have taken you, a whole bus tour.

But then, it’s as if it was right in front of my nose. Garden centres, they are Christmas paradise. So my best friend and I took a trip the other day to Burford Garden Centre to have a mooch and get that authentic festive feeling! So, the day, we arrived and made our way through the maze of the garden centre to have a ‘little’ spot of lunch.

Christmas Wonders

Afterwards, we simply, mooched around and smelt some candles, admired some succulents and enjoys how aesthetically pleasing everything is.

Next, we delved into the Christmas section. And spent probably all too long admiring everything. Beautiful decorations, cards, gift ideas, ornaments, quirky bits and so. many. fairylights. It was great. And oh so photogenic, just…







A favourite part of mine was this beautiful tapestry shelter which had a lovely wood burner (which was filled with fair lights at the times, extra cute) and decorations. Indie, Christmassy and cute – literally my heaven. What I’d do to have this in my garden.


Garden centres are just my favourite place, I’m such an old lady I know. But they’re so classy, but have a classic countryside vibe, and slightly boho – Instagram paradise. And of course I took all too many photos and it’d be rude not to share them with you.







Its always a lovely day out, and so close to home which is even better. And again I couldn’t stress enough finding little gems just like these that are so cheap, and even free, which is perfect for a student like myself or anyone really! Especially at this time of year.

I love and exploring my hometown and writing this post, it was so much fun to write, it made me feel so warm and festive so I really hope you liked it.

Until next time,

Em x



  • VentureWithSky

    Love the post! can definitely feel the holiday spirit

    P.S love the falling snow


  • rachelwilliams94

    Wow these pictures are so gorgeous! Definitely helps you get in the Christmas spirit

  • Chloe

    Lovely post. It looks like a Christmas wonderland. I hope I can visit in the near future. It looks amazing.

  • Tyler

    Absolutely love garden centres! My local one has santas real reindeer at the moment! So festive! X

    • Em

      As do I! Ahhh that’s amazing, there’s another one near me that does that quite often! It’s amazing! X

  • Lisa

    That’s the most beautiful garden centre I have ever seen! I’ve only gone to homebase so I feel like this post is inspiring me to go check out my local and independent ones where I’m guaranteed to be in wonder. Great post Em xxx

    • Em

      Yessss definitely do check out local independent ones as they’re just perfection! Thank you lovely xxx


    loved this post and the photography is amazing!!💭

  • Lupe

    love your post! Thats such a beautiful place, glad you got to enjoy it!

  • Charlotte

    Your photos are so lovely! I love this time of year but I mist admittI am not feeling that Christmassy this year!

    Charlotte x

    • Em

      Thank youuu! Ahh no 🙁 hopefully you’ll feel A big more festive soon! X

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