Health Done Simplee.

We’ve all had those ‘get fit’ ‘eat healthy’ New Years resolutions. Or say in May when you realise summer is just around the corner. The resolutions we stick to for a solid 2 weeks, and then we remember how great pizza is. And we all search for those miracle products, and I have discovered a product that can help both you and I along the way.

When you think superfood what comes to mind? Charcoal? Green tea?

How about Aloe Vera? Yep, I said it.

I’ve never thought about aloe being a health sensation, it’s just not the first one that pops into your head. But it makes total sense, it’s an original superfood which seems to be bygone. And honestly, after this discovery, I’m hooked.

Let me shed some light on the low down of this magical little plant. ‘The plant of immortality’ (a term used by the Egyptians) is the native superfood used for over 5,000 years because of it’s powerful healing properties. It accommodates over 200 active constituents, notably its high polysaccharide content, helping activate the aloe’s nutrients and helping the body absorb them. To name a few of the benefits, it supports digestion and picks up toxins along the way aiding the detoxification process, it also has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory enzymes which help those with gut issues such as IBS; Aloe Vera also assits with immunity, the polysaccharides stimulate white blood cells to help strengthen your immune system, making Aloe Vera a restorative essential (that’s some science for you); if it couldn’t get any better the antibacterial properties going hand in hand with the anti-inflammatory properties alleviate with healthy, glowing skin.

Like many health products, when you think it’s too good to be true, reality slaps you in the face with the price tag. So let me introduce you to Simplee Aloe, a company created by two friends on their travels. And before you ask, a litre bottle from Asda? £2.00, yes you heard correctly. Cheap and easily accessible.

Simplee Aloe kindly let me try their 3 flavours of Aloe Vera juice, each of which I took to a day of work with me and gave them a full test run. And here are my thoughts:



The first of the three I tried. And I’m not a huge fan on berry flavoured things, I prefer tropical flavours. But this was just the perfect strength and so refreshing. If you’re worried about Aloe Vera having a bitter taste, it doesn’t, they add some lemon juice to give it a clean taste. And it’s not secretly packed with sugar to make it taste okay, it doesn’t need it. I found this drink was perfect for work, I sit at a computer all day and when I get home I don’t always have time to workout, and this helps give me that extra boost.



A classic apple and mango. True to taste and a great taste! I again took it to work and it was a lovely drink to sip throughout the day. However I found this was best to have in my bag on a trip or day out to give me a fruity nutritious boost throughout the day. Again, the perfect balance of everything and when it tastes amazing and is healthy, how could you complain?



Possibly my favourite of them all, certainly the most refreshing. I was worried about the flavour, I had a bad experience with lemon flavoured things and it’s been hit and miss since. But again, if I haven’t said it enough, it’s the perfect balance. The grape gives it a lovely sweetness but it’s still got a citrus kick. It does contain little bits, unlike the others, but they add to it. This was so refreshing and would be perfect come summer. I also found it ideal for a post workout hit to pick you up.

From looking at their website, Simplee Aloe doesn’t contain aloin or latex, in any way. To conclude this little rave, I am obsessed. It tastes like and average drink but it’s benefits go beyond average. It can easily been found in supermarkets such as Co-op, ASDA and wholefood shops. If you’d like to know more about their story and the products they have do go check out their website!

And a quick note from me just to say happy new year to you all, 2016 was a bit hit to us all, so I think we all deserve a good year. I hope 2017 brings you everything you want and deserve, let’s smash it guys.

Until next time,

Em x