Brother Writes My Blogpost.

We all know the trend of people’s freinds, parents, siblings doing their voiceover for their YouTube videos, well meet my brother Ollie:

I thought it’d be fun to shake it up and do something I haven’t really seen reach the blogosphere yet. Well, it’s probably been done plenty of times and I’m just a tad delirious…but in case you wanted to do something similar (as I can see this being pretty funny) the way I’m approaching this is taking some photos that’d be in a general blogpost (say product photos or an outfit), put them on the page and then it’s all down to them – I chose to take pictures of some recent purchases. So I give you my big brother blogger takeover, take it away Ollie!

Hello there, today I have taken over my sister’s blog to talk about clothes, God help me! I’d like to say that I have no clue what I’m doing with this blogging thingy so if I offend someone LOL whoopsie!

Clothes aren’t my strongest point, I’m one of these people who are happy just wearing a hoodie and trackies, so this will be a hoot and a half.

 The first item are some sunglasses. It’s currently the middle of February as I write this so why she is wasting her money on sunnies before the summer I have no idea. Personally as someone who wears glasses permanently I don’t get to use sunglasses, I just have to suffer. Pray for me people. The sunglasses look alright, don’t know what to say, they’re just regular sunglasses. Knowing Emily they probably cost something silly like Β£25 but you can get a pair just as nice from Poundland.

LOL. who’s that gibbon in the reflection, can’t even take a ruddy photo without getting in it! Always has to be the centre of attention! Don’t know what to add about the sunglasses, pretty much summed it up in the last photo. Poor planning. Bad Emily! ( Also hi Edwardo)

NOTE: I’ve just been informed these are actually a different pair, see Emily isn’t all that smart. She took 2 photos of each product except these two. Why? God knows. These are also alright. Again never pay more than a fiver for these. I got mine back in 2010 for cheap and they have still survived to this day. Thank you Tesco. These look the same bar the colour but according to Emily they  are very diffrent, something to do with avation, but thats flying. Sunglasses can’t fly. Even I know that.

This is a shirt. Nearly made a typo there :3 Oops! its a size 10 but I presume other sizes are available. Don’t understand it myself. Why limit yourself to a number. It don’t define you! You go girl! FIGHT THE POWER! Emily has said its too big for her. She is an idiot for buying it. The only thing shirts that are too big for you is painting. Which is fun.
Ooh pockets

How many sheep did Emily kill for this jacket. I’m saying at least 12 and she says shes a vegetarian! Shame on her. Shame on her! It is blue, like the song. I’d never wear this, It doesn’t match my eyes. Apparently its also furry on the inside, like all of us…

This has been Oliver, Good night!

(there was supposed to be another picture but I deleted it…


…Sorry πŸ™ )

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…I have no words. I guess thanks Ollie for doing this for me? Despite how much you insulted me…(and I’d like to point out the jacket is faux fur don’t listen to him).

Until next time,

Em x



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  1. harrietday98 says:

    Em I love this post it definitely made me laugh and seems like such a good idea to do!

  2. Sophie says:

    This post made me chuckle, and such a fun idea too ahha xx

    Sophie’s Spot

  3. Tanya says:

    Love this post idea and I couldn’t help laughing. πŸ˜‚ Oh! And I know the struggles of wearing sunglasses, I have glasses since 4th grade. 😝

  4. I love this idea. It was really funny to read too! Love how brutally your brother is πŸ™‚

  5. This is really funny, I love the idea! πŸ˜‚ It’s always nice to see new voices on a blog, and your brother has a fab sense of humour! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey πŸ’“

  6. possiblysami says:

    Hahaha I love this post Em! I couldn’t help but giggle all throughout it, your brother is so funny! I don’t think I’ve seen any other blogger do this so you go girl with the fun and unique posts! xxx

    • emibeccamarven says:

      Aww thank you haha! I’m so surprised that not many have done it actually, thank ya girlie! xxx

  7. Omg I’m dying! This is hilarious, glasses from Poundland, centre of attention, deleted the last photo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ absolutely love this. Might just have to get my sister to do this for me in the near future!

    Jessica |

  8. This is such a clever idea, I think I’ll have to do this myself, probably with my boyfriend! x

    Lauren |

  9. Great post idea !! I have two brothers so I might have to try this myself x

  10. Emily's brother says:

    Your brother is amazing…Oh wait that’s me πŸ˜€

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