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  1. helloitsjo says

    omg I’m no make up expert either which is why it was so refreshing reading your review! every make up product needs the night out test for sure hahaha!! and my god I can’t get over the colour of that highlighter?! NEED!!

    • emibeccamarven says

      Awww I’m so glad – I was scared to see what people thought! Yessss definitely! I knowwww it’s to die for! x

  2. possiblysami says

    That eyebrow pen sounds interesting Em! I get what you mean, sometimes I don’t really fancy using a pomade and powder because both are effort but this sounds cool to use if you’re having one of those days. Also, that highlighter looks amazing omg! Such a lovely and well written post Em xxx

  3. writerkatgn says

    I’ve never heard of Technic before, probably because I live in the US. But that highlighter is gorgeous! You have great photography skills. Thanks for sharing.

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