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  1. This is the cutest post!!! I’ve dropped slightly in my dedication to blogging too but hopefully trying to pick it back up! and oh my gosh cacti are SO in at the moment haha! They’re are so pretty and cute!!!! fab post 🙂 xxxx

    • Aww thank you so much!! I love writing them! I guess we all have moments like this? I knowww I love plants and now they’re really in I’m so in my element haha! Thank you beautiful xxx

  2. This is my favourite little series of yours so orginal. If we were having coffee… I’d say stop worrying about doing work for brands it’s exciting and when it’s all come at once it’s a start to something exciting, don’t pressure yourself. Can’t wait to see what islands you’re going to sounds so exciting!!

    Always love your posts

    Much love
    Holly x

    • Ahh gal thank you so much! It is really exciting, I don’t know I just felt bad haha! Thank you though girl, it’s lovely to have reassurance. I can’t wait to go and blog about it ah! So much love for you! x

  3. Your posts are always so genuine and you’re so true to yourself I love it. Honestly, love reading your posts before bed where I’m all snuggled up. I can understand about how it’s hard to focus on blogging when you’re really busy with life, but i’d take it as a good thing! love you Em xx

    • Girl. Your comments never fail to make me smile uncontrollably, you absolute angel. I will take it as a good thing, thank you b<3 So much love for you! xx

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