Working With Brands // A Newbie Blogger’s Guide.

I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for about 7 months now. So I didn’t really feel I was in a position to talk about this subject. However I’ve been asked a few times now to write a post about working with brands so I feel it’s only right to respond.
Brands and bloggers – a love hate relationship. I think people have this pretty picture painted in their minds that blogging = brand deals. But alas, it is not that simple. But it doesn’t have to be this distant desire, working with brands brings amazing opportunities and, can actually be really fun and simple! So today I thought I’d share some tips from a somewhat still newbie blogger. Whether you may be new to blogging or trying to push that blogging game a little further, you can work with brands too.

At this point I’d like to add, working with brands and stats and all this does not matter. Don’t let it define your success. And brand deals do not have to go hand in hand with blogging – you do you. I’d also like to stress I’m no expert, this is just some tips from past experience. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled blogpost (or not so regularly scheduled because Em is a bit of a blogging sloth right now)…

Working with brands


Taking the initial step is tricky, that’s no lie. And there are so many question marks – the biggest mark that comes up is blog stats. And I’m not going to sugar coat it – stats does matter, of course it does. But you don’t have to have an established following to get recognised by companies – there are ways. It’s just a case of seeking for opportunities yourself rather than waiting for them to come to you. I believe my blog was at about 100 followers when I first worked with a brand, if that. And I didn’t have my own domain or anything fancy – which just goes to show.

Also never neglect your social media, a cardinal aspect to have is being influential and having a persona. Which isn’t always portrayed through just your blog, don’t forget you can work with people through your Instagram or Twitter just as much.

So…what next?


There are a whole shedload of ways for you to discover brands and visa versa. They all come with their advantages and disadvantages, but whichever way you go is completely valid. There are no wrong options here.


There are so many of these dotted around the internet, being probably one of the most popular routes. It’s soul purpose is to connect brands and bloggers, maybe through having brands put up assignments or creating profiles of bloggers as an archive for brands. These are sites such as Bloggers Required, Bloglovin’ Activate or The Blogger Programme.

I’ve used sites like these a few times, and it was all very simple. Some do ask you to pay for full access, but I’ve always just used the free bits and have been just as satisfied. This is a really good route to take if it’s maybe your first collaboration, as you know it’s safe and trustworthy and everything is there in front of you so there’s no hidden surprises. However, as mentioned before, some have paid memberships and, although I’ve personally never had this, if you were to get paid with an opportunity through them, they tend to take a percentage out as well.


A similar approach is through Facebook groups. In a nutshell people post different opportunities and either attach a form to fill in, ask you to email them or simple comment on the post with links. I would say this is for the more established, however I’m nowhere near established and have had a few opportunities from there. So it’s worth signing up to some and seeing what you can get.

There are plenty of opportunities going for all types of bloggers, however it’s very hard to keep track. You need to check it frequently to make sure you see opportunities as they’re coming in, not a few days later. It is very hit and miss, but still definitely worth signing up for. I’m a part of ‘UK Blogging Opportunities’ and ‘Blogger Opportunities’ and both are great, and easily accessible – just search em’ up on Facebook and request membership.


Just search either of these hashtags on Twitter and you will be greeted with an abundance of different companies looking for blogging. And is always worth looking up every now and again just to see whats around and if there’s anything suitable for you. It’s again, very hit and miss, but not one to ignore. I’ve had a fair few opportunities thanks to Twitter. It may be a good idea if you’re just considering working with brands but not completely set on it.


Bite the bullet and just drop them an email. They may not respond, but you never know until you try. You don’t have to send them a whole essay. But just introducing yourself and your blog, maybe send along your media kit if you have one. And mention if they are ever looking for someone to work with you’d be very interested. Don’t suffocate them with stats and reasons to justify yourself. Just make yourself noticed. I’ve had a few successes from doing this so there’s definitely no harm in trying!

On the other hand you can wait for companies to reach out to you. What I’ve been told to be the most authentic way. When this happens is great, but depends more on your influence as a blogger. There’s not much more to say except to make sure the opportunity is legit and there’s no fine print to this.

Of course there is so many more options and ‘what ifs’ to this subject – but I’d be writing all day. But I do hope this is helpful. I will add if you’re a new blogger and still in need of guidance I am happy to help to the extent I can. Apart from that, happy blogging!

Until next time,

Em x



  1. 25/05/2017 / 10:15 pm

    Great post! It actually came at the perfect time. I’ve been considering what my strategy should be, if I should even develop a strategy. LOL there’s so many different paths to take – I’m still not entirely sure which is best for me but thank you for all the useful information!

    ♡ Christine Anne
    A Blueberry Girl

  2. luxblush
    25/05/2017 / 10:01 pm

    This is so helpful! I’ve been blogging for two years and I still struggle with contacting brands, it’s just something that I’ve never done, but I really should! Thank you for this xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. 26/05/2017 / 10:29 am

    Ooh thanks so much for these tips – I’m not particularly set out on needing work through my blog but it’s always nice when you get contacted by a brand and I could use all the jobs I can get as I’m saving for travelling later this year! I never even knew about these hashtags, facebook groups and blogging networks so thanks so much for pointing these out, I’ll have to take a look!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  4. 26/05/2017 / 11:22 am

    I actually needed this! I was asked to work with an agency last month but when they found out that I didn’t hit their 10K standards they didn’t want me anymore. I was very upset about it. I’ve tried asking other bloggers about what I could do, but I feel I fall on deaf ears. 🙁

    I might have to try the whole “BloggersWanted” on Twitter… Do you know of any FB groups that I should look into? I’m hooked up to one but I don’t get very many hits from there on what I share. I might have more questions for you later 🙂 lol

    • emibeccamarven
      10/06/2017 / 9:55 am

      Ahh you’re ever so welcome! I’m currently making both a media kit and hopefully a newsletter so definitely expect posts on them! xx

  5. Chloe Lauren
    20/07/2017 / 10:49 am

    Great post! I think some people shy away from trying because of their stats or the time their blog has been active, so this is really great to hear and may give people a bit more confidence with it, although brand collaboration isn’t everything 🙂

    • emibeccamarven
      21/07/2017 / 11:31 am

      Thank you so much!! That’s so so true people shouldn’t shy away from the opportunities☺️

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