From Procrastination To Productivity.





The result?

I managed to get 2 blog posts done, another one drafted and cleared through the pile of ‘to keep or not to keep’ which was beginning to take the shape of Everest. And honestly feel so much more relieved and happy, no longer do I have the voice in the back of my mind yelling at me to get it done.

And of course, to stop procrastinating isn’t always to do work, it can be just to have some you time away from a screen, maybe by finishing the last chapter of that book you’ve had no time for, or to do some drawings or even writing. If I was to dedicate that time to such things I could probably do at least 2 designs and maybe even read a chapter or two of my book. It definitely still beats looking through the #NationalWatermelonDay tag on Twitter for 2 hours.

Obviously to some people it isn’t always as easy as just putting down your phone and getting it done. I’ve had moments where it’s been a real mental and somewhat emotional struggle to not look in the fridge one last time to see if we magically have more food in there, and to actually do what needs to be done. So a few tips to help get you through it,

  • LISTS – I’m a hugeee list fanatic, I write a list for anything and everything. And I truly believe the help. Having a list of things to do or maybe a breakdown of how to do something can really clear your mind and help you feel a little bit more prepared to get things done. Plus you can tick bits off as you go along and that is the best feeling.
  • PREPARATION – If it’s something big, prepare yourself and organise everything so when it comes to doing the task, it’s all there ready and waiting, so then there’s no faffing about or time wasted looking around. It also reduces the amount of effort that there is to start whatever it is, so you’re less likely to stall.
  • TAKE BREAKS – Being productive is great, and when you’re on a roll even better, but remember to let yourself breathe and take a break. Reward yourself for what you’ve done already and have those moments when you’re not completely focused on the task at hand otherwise you’ll exhaust yourself. But do organise your breaks, don’t just take them here and there, know what time your aiming for so you can work with your all until your well deserved break.
  • SLEEP, EAT, WERK, REPEAT – I think one of the most vital points is to make sure you’re getting enough sleep and rest, you’re eating well and drinking enough water and getting some exercise in your daily routine. This may be obvious to some but I feel it’s important to point out still, making sure you’re healthy, fulled and energised is so important!

I hope this post helps give you that little nudge we all need sometimes. And if you click here you can also see where you could fly to for the amount of time you spend procrastinating, if you need quite a big nudge.

Until next time,


Em x

*DISCLAIMER* This post was in collaboration with Monarch Airlines


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10 responses to “From Procrastination To Productivity.”

  1. Antonia Sp says:

    I can sometimes be such a big procrastinator and I hate it so much. Lists are definitely something I find very helpful. x

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Great post!
    Lists are also such a favourite of mine for getting things done. I’ve been procarstinating a lot lately and honestly found this so helpful! Thank you!xx

  3. brideyellis says:

    I’m the procrastination queen

  4. Laura says:

    In my opinion making lists=planning ahead=being productive. Great post, thanks for sharing! x
    Lauraconteur ♥

  5. Finja says:

    Yes, writing lists and getting shit done is really helpful!!! 🙂
    x finja |

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