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If We Were Having Coffee // Vol. 5

Welcome to another little coffee date with moi, let’s have a catch up, shall we?

If we were having coffeeMy beverage of choice would probably be a bog standard latte – classic.

If we were having coffeeI’d probably take a deep breathe of ‘where to begin’?? Last time we had a catch up was April?!?! Mad.

If we were having coffeeI’d tell you that we actually did it, we went island hopping! After months of planning and preparing, we travelled around the Greek islands and Venice for 3 weeks and it was fab. I mean, you’ve probably seen me talk about it on my social media anyway, but I’m going to tell you again, it was great.

If we were having coffeeI’d tell you how it’s only a month until I move out and begin drama school, where has the time gone?? I honestly still can’t fathom it completely, I mean I’m only moving an hour or so down the road, but I’m moving? So I can train to become a performer? But there’s still so much to do and buy, so although the exciting countdown begins, a subconscious countdown to a stressful breakdown has also begun…

If we were having coffeeI’d tell you my relationship with Instagram is currently on rocky grounds, I think it is with everyone. And although I try not to take it too seriously, I mean it’s just an app, but it could be a really good app for creatives. Also I’m such a perfectionist and finding my aesthetic has been a task and a half. But I think I’ve had a breakthrough on that front..maybe?

If we were having coffeeI’d tell you I’ve booked my first blogger shoot (might squeal a bit), well by the point this goes up I would have already done it but I’ve had odd shoots with friends or my personal photographer (a.k.a my brother) but never an actual shoot with a photographer, I’m so excited.

If we were having coffeeI’d tell you I’m sooo into home interior at the moment, I will admit also I’ve been looking online for £1 million homes and living vicariously through them – no shame. But I think with the whole moving thing my love for decor has just come out of it’s shell.

If we were having coffeeI’d tell you I’m already in autumn mode. I mean I’m currently writing this on such a sunny day but my head is 100% in autumn mode. I’m even thinking about Christmas – again, no shame. But I’ve been shopping and looking at knitwear and blankets and all that lovely stuff and I’m. So. Ready.

That’s enough catching up for one day. See you in a month or so (by which point I’ll be in drama school WHAT?!?!) for another chit chat.

Until next time


Em x


  • Sami ♡ (@possiblysami)

    This is amazing. I can so relate about how excited I really am for Autumn! I absolutely love this post, it’s so chill and it really does feel like we’re having a conversation! x

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