My Skincare Upgrade.

Let me start this by saying. I am THE worst for having a skincare routine and actually looking after my skin. I tell myself all the time I’ll actually look after my skin but it just never seems to happen. Until now.

Em got her butt into gear and upgraded her skincare routine and honestly it’s been so refreshing. So here’s the down low, for if you’re looking for your own skincare upgrade.

I have very combination skin, it kinda wants to be a bit of everything. I occasionally get acne. But the main insecurity is my pores and under eyes – both are just too obvious and a bit run down. So I was looking for something to really freshen up my face. The Juliette Armand elements 08 clarifying foam face was does just the trick. I don’t do heavy face washes or anything to harsh on my skin, as it can get dry at points. But this comes out as a foam and you lather it on and massage it in and it just feels so soft – as if it were a cloud! And it just makes my skin feel so refreshed and light after, as it really draws out the impurities and pollution in your pores.

I also use the Juliette Armand elements 05 Retin-C cream. I pop this on in the morning and evening, depending how I’m feeling. This moisturiser is a mix of retinal A and vitamin C. It helps repair the skin and also gives antioxidant protection to smooth the skin to keep it bright. Vitamin C is amazing for your skin as it does so many things from offering protection from UV rays to producing collage and improving the texture of the skin. So is an all rounder – and has been especially helpful for my under eye situation. This cream goes a long way, you really only need a tiny bit and it feels so nice on, and it does do wonders for keeping that radiance in my face.

For when those little unwanted visitors do arrive on my face. I use the Juliette Armand clarifying stick. This is just a simple roller ball which you pop on to anything that needs a little nudge to go away. You really don’t need much of this as a little does a huge job. It does really give my spots just that extra kick to speed up the process and isn’t too harsh on the skin at the same time!

I use their argile scrub mask from time to time when I need a deeper clean and a little pamper. I’m not a big one for scrubs, I just never know, but I love this mask. It’s so gentle and you don’t need to use it frequently as it gives a lovely deep cleanse to really wash out those impurities. And it’s amazinggg for blackheads – it’s done wonders for my pores situation!

Of course, when keeping your skin healthy and beautiful it’s always a must to drink plenty of water, get a bit of a sweat on and exercise and eat cleanly (she says having just finished off a packet of Oreos…). Because they really do help massively. But of course, sometimes we all need that extra help to clear our skin and keep it looking clean and healthy. And I’m so happy with my new skincare routine. I can’t wait to continue to see further improvements and try out more products!

Until next time,

Em x


*DISCLAIMER* This post contains products sent to me for reviewing purposes.



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