Fine Dining The Swedish Way*


I don’t know what it is, whether it’s the Oxfordshire air or the fact that I just love food. But I’ve always been a fan of dinner parties. I mean it’s a reason to eat loads of food and feel a bit fancy so can you blame me??? But today I thought I’d take a twist on my dining experience and add a little Swedish edge to it. But of course like anything I do it can’t just be a half job, we were going full out with the food, etiquette and of course, the all important beverages to compliment our dinner. So here is how you can be fine dining the Sewedish way.

There are some simple do’s and don’t’s when it comes to a Swedish dinner party. Firstly, never arrive early, arrive within a 15 minute window of the party starting (a tricky one for me as I’m wayyy too early to everything), don’t sit immediately – just stay standing until the host says otherwise. The whole point is to meet new people so don’t sit with your partner or friend, mingle a bit!

When it comes to food, never turn it down (an easy one for me…) and make sure the placement of the napkin is correct, it must be on your lap – nowhere else. Now, onto the fun part of what to make for your dinner party! I went with a classic 3 course but of course you could do more than that or do more nibble type dishes, that’s the best thing with dinner parties they’re so versatile and different. I started mine off with a classic smörgåsbord, a platter of cheeses, meats, rye crackerbreads and any other trimmings you would like to add – I had some olives, grapes and some pate to accompany in mine. Many smörgåsbords you see are huge, however as there was food following and I only had an smaller number of guests, I kept it light and simple so everyone could enjoy all three courses.

Fine Dining The Swedish Way

Fine Dining The Swedish Way

Now we get our cheers or “Skal” on and crack open the drinks! I think we know a favorite drink of mine is cider, more specifically, a good old bottle of Rekorderlig. Having flavorsome drinks to compliment your meal is so important and Rekorderlig have so many different flavors. You can’t go wrong. To go with the platter I found their passionfruit, raspberry and mango and they’re mixed berries go very well with an assortment of fish, meats, cheeses and crackerbreads. Something which is light and fruity really works and gives that lovely balance.

Fine Dining The Swedish Way

Fine Dining The Swedish Way

I then made Swedish style meatballs with celeriac and apples, a lighter sort of stew for a main. I will admit though that the meatballs were vegetarian to cater to my needs. But of course you can make it with mince or turkey! This felt like such a comfort food when eating it. It had lovely flavour and was so easy to eat.

As I mentioned this is the great thing with these sort of parties as they can just be simple, hearty food which people love – which is especially nice for autumn! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. My choice of flavor for this course was, what I believe to be a classic of their’s, the strawberry and lime cider. Which I believe could basically go with anything as it’s just the all-round cider. But it really accompanies this dish well as its such a light easy dish, it gives some more flavour but keeps the simple and comforting feel.

Fine Dining The Swedish Way

Finally for pudding, I made what is known as krem. Basically it was almond-y, vanilla-y goodness in a pot and was the perfect finale to our meal. As it was a nice creamy texture and was a bit sweeter. I partnered this with some Rekorderlig spiced plum cider, a cider you can have hot or cold (I know right?!) but trust me, if you want to get that warming sensation inside of you, you need this beverage. It’s especially good for this time of year.

Fine Dining The Swedish Way

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I definitely had fun eating all the food and drinking all the cider!


Until next time,

Em x

*DISCLAIMER* This is a paid sponsored post by Rekorderlig, but all opinions are my own.


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