5 Apps For The Everyday Instagrammer

I looooove Instagram, I love taking photos, editing photos, creating an aesthetic. If only the app wasn’t such a pain in the butt. And knowing what apps for Instagram are good can be tricky as there’s so many these days. But anyway, if you’re feeling in a slump with the gram, or maybe you’re starting out, here are 5 apps I always use for my photos and have helped me massively. So will hopefully be useful to you. So without further ado…

Apps for instagram


I’m yet to invest in Lightroom on my computer, got to be careful with that student budget. So for the meantime I live by this (free) app. Firstly, if you’re considering buying Lightroom, this gives you a little introduction and lets you begin to practice to see if it’s your sort of thing. But it’s so so easy to get to grips with. Just give yourself time to play around with the tools and see what works for you. And it means you can create your own unique aesthetic and edit photos which a filter may not do justice for. And my favourite part – you can shoot in RAW, just go on the little camera icon and make sure its on the DNG setting. So if you don’t have a manual camera you can still work with these sort of settings. And let me repeat this app is free.


This is basically a step down from Lightroom, and is perfect for those who maybe don’t have perfect backgrounds or great lighting, as it has tools to heal and whiten bits to make photos look clean and crisp. You can be selective with it to make even more precise – so nobody will no! This is perfect for this cloudier days or shorter day in the winter, and I thinks a staple to have on ever bloggers phone!


For those who maybe don’t want to do the whole Lightroom hardcore editing. Which is fine, it can be a lot of work. VSCO Cam is the bread and butter for bloggers. Full of any filter you and think of, and still has editing features to change the exposure, grain etc. It’s perfect for those starting out, and I still use it now. Although it’s an obvious one I couldn’t not include it.


I’m very picky when it comes to my aesthetic. So knowing whether a photo will work alongside my feed prior to uploading helps masses. That’s where UNUM comes in, you can look at your feed and upload any photos you’re considering putting up and put them against your current feed. You can also schedule posts from it and see stats on your posts, followers and best times to upload – so it’s an all round app for Insta-goers.


This is very similar to UNUM, but without the feed part. This app regularly analyses your Instagram to tell you how your posts are doing and tell you what’s the best time to post. And you can get notifications on your phone so you don’t forget. Alternatively you can schedule posts so the go up without you having to worry about them. This is great for me as I am possibly the most unreliable Instagrammer there is. I always forget.

So there are my top 5 apps for Instagram. Some may be obvious but they really do wonders and you can’t preach them enough. I hope you find this useful for all your Instagram needs, and why not say hey to me over on my Instagram (cheeky lil promo), anyways, to all your future grams.

Em x



  1. connxvi
    25/01/2018 / 2:58 pm

    Definitely need to try lightroom and prime! I have UNUM but i don’t use insta much (i really wanna get back into it).

    • emibeccamarven
      28/01/2018 / 3:22 pm

      Definitely do! Yasss do it!

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