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  1. Livie says

    I 100% relate to this and since graduating university, it’s got even worse! I’m in a constant battle with myself because I am comparing my life to others around me who have their dream job, a nice boyfriend, a cute flat and money to spend whereas I don’t. I find it so hard but I know the best thing is to just work on myself and not think about how others spend their lives. It’s so tough but we’ll all get there, we’re just taking different paths 🙌🏻 but I LOVE the tips you’ve said, self-love is so important! We got this!!

    • emibeccamarven says

      I’m so glad that someone else is like this! It’s so hard not to compare yourself to others every now and then! Yaaaas you’re so right, put you first and work on you, and don’t try and live someone else’s life!! Ahh thank you so much lovely – heck yeah we do! xx

    • emibeccamarven says

      Yesss exactly, it’s so eye opening when you look at the big picture! Glad you liked the post lovely xx

  2. bookishbrunette says

    Yesssssss. 100x yes. I seriously relate to this. I’m 19 as well and I’m constantly stuck thinking how I can manage things to get on with my “real life” quicker – whatever that is anyway. I’m slowly learning how to take a step back and just enjoy being 19. This post really helped!

    • emibeccamarven says

      Ahhh honestly I’m so glad – I’m always scared I’m the only one! Yesss I’m always trying to skip a step straight into this ‘real life’ – but I’m so glad this post helped! x

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