7 Skincare Products You Need In Your Travel Bag

One thing I’ve always struggled with is knowing what to take in my travel bag. How am I supposed to know what my skin is going to do when I’m out there? So I tend to end up taking 70% of my skincare which isn’t very efficient of me. So I’ve been working on creating more of a capsule travel bag, full of versatile products for whatever happens. And I feel like I’ve created a nice little group on essentials. So here: 7 skincare products you need in your travel bag.



This is my holy grail skincare product. I feel like it just does everything to my skin – hydrates, tackles impurities and plumps the skin. So all I need to do is cleanse and add this and I’m good to go. So it would be perfect for travelling as it’s small, so easily tucked away for travelling and will do a lot for your skin.



Especially if you’re going to somewhere where it’s hot and you may be wearing less clothing, it’s good to have some form of exfoliator. So when you get back you can scrub the pollution that may have gathered into your skin, and remove any dead skin. It’s also good in case you’ve got to give your legs a shave at any point. I also found out that exfoliating your body helps the penetration of moisturiser or tanning products, so you can get the most of that golden glow. I use this olive exfoliator from The Body Shop as it’s really gently on my skin. Most exfoliators give my skin a temper tantrum as I have such sensitive skin, especially my legs, but this gives them a nice buff without leaving them raw.


Possibly an obvious one, but when you’re on holiday in a hotter country this is perfect. If you don’t know what Bio-oil is it basically helps fade things such as stretch marks, bruises and uneven skin tone. You do have to apply this religiously for a number of days for it to work. But if you’re away and got a little scar or bruise that you don’t want on show for your sassy beach instas, just apply a bit of this the day before to help reduce the visibility. You can easily get it in Boots or even Primark and it’s only about £8!


Before and after travelling I swear by facemasks, and when I went island hopping I took a few with me for longer ferry journeys. I would reccomend sheet masks over tubs of face masks, but I didn’t have any to photograph. A good face mask can give you a quick fix and are perfect for when you’re flying! Especially moisturising ones as travelling can really dry out and pollute your skin so it’s good to bit it in the butt quickly.



I can’t stress how important it is to protect your lips from the sun as well as you’re skin. They burn as well. And believe me it hurts. I burnt them once and now my lips go dry very easily and stick together so 10/10 recommend investing in a lip balm which has spf in it. This one is an aloe vera one as well so it has a cooling affect, which is just very satisfying. Especially when out in the heat.


I think I’m just a moisturiser freak, but I think when travelling it’s just 10x more important to keep your skin moisturised and protected. So pack yourself a good body moisturiser and a good face moisturiser which you know is going to last a long time. I have a billion body moisturisers I could recommend to you, so I’ll link a few in the widget below. But look for ones with spf in, or ingredients such as aloe vera, coco butter or vitamin E as all will have a deep moisturising effect.

I’d also suggest a face mist rather than your everyday face moisturiser. It’s a game changer as it moisturises, but is a lot lighter and more cooling. So you can use it in your skincare routine in the mornings and then also take it with you for when you feel you need a little spritz to top you up. I use the vitamin E one from The Body Shop as it’s super hydrating and vitamin E is a holy grail product for my face. It helps draw out a lot of pollutants in your face too.

So there are my go-to travel skincare products. I wanted to do a makeup one too, however I realised I only ever do my eyebrows and mascara when travelling. But I hope this helped! And I’d love to know your go-to products too.

Until next time,

Em x


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