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  1. Oh my goodness, it’s so nice seeing pictures of Santorini, I love it there! Greek food in general is so amazing as well isn’t it? I could pretty much live of Gyros and greek salad.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Everywhere is so picturesque I love it! I swear I was always so full but always wanting more its so good there! xx

  2. So jealous of you getting to spend time here! I’ve wanted to go here for so long! Thanks for sharing your tips xx

    • I really need to go back and spend a little more time there I love it so much! Ahh thank you lovely! xx

  3. I love love love Santorini!! The boat tour was probably my favorite part. I love your photos!

  4. This trip sounds incredible! I hope to do a big Europe trip in the future, but I want to wait until I’ve achieved some other goals first, and can go without completely depleting my savings as the conversion rate from AUD to Euros is harsh 😫

  5. Erm, can we just talk about those pictures first of all?! I want to visit there one day because I’ve heard so many great things about it! I just get wonderful summery vibes and it would be such a nice place to have a getaway to! loved this Em. Your blog posts are always such a joy and pleasure to read! x

    • Ahh you’re so sweet thank you so much lovely!! This comment made my whole week oh my gosh xx

    • It was fab – I wish we had more time there! You should definitely go if you get the chance it’s beautiful xx

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