Living Like A Royal On A London Vacation

Royal London Vacation

We don’t know if you heard – we are sure not many people did – but there was a small, quiet wedding based in London recently. Prince Harry and celebrity (now Princess) Meghan Markle got married at St George’s chapel at Windsor Castle. There were over 600 guests at the wedding, so for all we know you may have got an invite yourself…

We are jesting of course, you weren’t invited and neither were we. And there’s no way you wouldn’t have heard about the wedding. The tabloids and tv news coverage was tremendous and probably overly done! As a result, London is now the place to be for a summer vacation, with tourists looking to replicate the Royal experience for themselves. So, if you’re still sore about not getting the opportunity to wine and dine with the Prince and his beloved, here are some tips on how to live like a Royal if you’re visiting London this summer.

Packing Your Bags

As you’re packing your bags for your holiday, you need to prepare your royal look. Now, while you don’t want to walk around in the summer heat wearing something like her wedding outfit (could you even afford it), you can still dress like our newly formed Princess with some of her signature fashion choices. Remember to give the Royal wave should you turn any heads as you walk the streets the London. Don’t forget to pack your blogging equipment, either. While you won’t be getting the full media treatment. You can still broadcast your royal holiday through all of your social networks, and by posting your best pictures on your blog.

Find Somewhere To Stay

It’s sad to say, but you still can’t rent a room at Buckingham Palace. As it hasn’t achieved Airbnb status just yet. However, check out the luxury apartments to rent here, which are absolutely gorgeous. Some even have weekly maid service. Though unlike the royal servants, it’s unlikely they will answer to your every beck and call. Sorry. 

Tour Royal London

You may not be able to stay at any of the Royal residences, but you can still visit the lavishly decorated Buckingham Palace. And pretend you’re a Royal as you stroll along the plush carpeting of the State Rooms. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see the changing of the guard too!

Visit some of London’s Royal parks. And perhaps have a picnic at Hyde Park. While taking time out to remember our much-beloved Princess Diana at the Memorial Fountain. You should also visit the gardens at Kensington Palace, the home of Will and Kate. And soon to be the home of Harry and Meghan. However, while you are allowed to visit some of the apartments, you will be forbidden from entering the personal domains of our Royal couples. Even if you do go under the pretence of asking to borrow a cup of sugar.

Eat and drink like a Royal

We are still upset we didn’t get a chance to taste the banquet served up at the Royal wedding reception. But there are still other places to eat for a taste of royalty. Head to Piccadilly and try some of the delicacies at the Royal-appointed stores, such as en elegant lunch at  Fortnum & Mason. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz (jeans and trainers are not permitted), and for your evening meal, we recommend The Dining Room at the Goring Hotel, the venue of choice for Kate Middleton and her family the evening before she married young Prince William.


To top off your summer vacation, take a cue from Harry and Meghan as they left the wedding ceremony, and ride through the streets of London on a horse-drawn carriage. There will be no flag-wavers cheering you along. But there really is no more perfect way than this to end your time in London.

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