Why Your Skin Isn’t Bad At All!

When it comes to your skincare routine, how much effort do you put in on a daily basis? Are you the kind of person who can’t function without knowing you’ve put some cleanser and toner on your face each morning? Or maybe you’re someone who only ever seems to clean their face at night. Making sure they don’t get mascara all over their pillow? Bedhead is never a pretty sight when you’ve got last night’s lipstick all over your cheeks either! No matter the effort you put into your skincare routine, in reality your skin probably isn’t in as bad a condition that you’ve been lead to believe! What a wonder that is, hey? But if you’re not convinced yet, here’s a couple of reasons what you’re up to is just right for your skin. Here’s why your skin isn’t bad!

why your skin isn't bad

Because You’re Regularly Washing Your Face!

Washing your face is perfectly fine to go to bed on, or to wake up on. And you don’t need to feel guilty because your shelf isn’t littered with fancy product. And hey, just missing one session of your proper skincare routine won’t require you to head to a cosmetic clinic, and you’re not going to have serious repercussions in the morning either, no matter how much the gurus would lead you to believe that!

So as long as you’re scrubbing off the dirt of the day before, you’re just fine. A simple bar of soap is gentle enough to get your pores to open up. And it’s never going to unbalance your pH level either! No overwashing here!

Because You’re Regularly Sweating it Out!

Sweat is the body’s natural way to cool down. And you should never wipe away the functions of your own body in favour of introducing other chemicals to your skin. Unless you’ve been directed to by a doctor, that is. But if not, being able to sweat and then leave it on your skin is something you should do more of.

It might seem that having sweat clinging to your skin will block your pores up, and cause thousands of breakouts you’re never going to get rid of. However, this is more of a popular myth than it ever was a reality… Sure, sweat can often block you up if you’re not washing normally, but sweat will actually encourage your skin to open up and let the dirt it’s collected out. And that’s something you turn to an exfoliator for, so don’t underestimate the power of your natural oils.

Because Your Body Can Balance

Sure, bad cases of acne take a lot of work on your part to change. And usually you’ll have to change diet and lifestyle. But if you have just one bad day? You’re going to be able to handle it! So have a greasy burger, skip the glass of water for a smoothie; you can always make it up later.

Your skin isn’t in a bad condition, and you’re doing just fine when it comes to the world of beauty!

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