3 Reasons Why A Bike Is A Great Investment

Ah, the sun has got his hat on! After a winter that seemed almost Game of Thrones-y in length. As the spring appears to be inching closer and closer to the summer. Many of us are getting out and getting active a lot more than we did previously this year. This means that we’re getting more social. By spending more time with friends, or even starting the day off with an invigorating brisk walk or a calorie burning jog. We’re also eating healthier foods and making more positive life choices. All of this is great for our physical health and fitness (especially if you need to have a bikini ready body by summer). But there’s one thing that summer is never truly complete without… And that’s a bike!

If you don’t own a bicycle, or haven’t ridden one since you were a kid you may not yet understand why a bike is such a wonderful investment. However, cycling is not only great exercise, great fun and a carbon neutral way of getting around, it’s a great lifestyle choice that’s good for the soul and offers yet another way to express yourself. Still not convinced? Read on…

Cycling is a safe and convenient way to get about

Since we’re all getting a lot more social in the sun. Driving through busy roads and spending half an hour looking for a frankly overpriced parking space can really take the edge off a fun day out. As other drivers negotiate busy city centre streets in search of a parking space. They’re likely to be agitated and prone to mistakes. This is a recipe for traffic hazards which could be problematic for a driver. But which a cyclist can simply zip past. While you should contact https://www.levininjuryfirm.com if you are injured on your bike as a result of a driver’s negligence, cycling is a safe mode of transport. This is because cyclists are able to perceive hazards better than drivers and can react to them more quickly. As a cyclist you won’t get stuck in traffic or struggle to find somewhere to park.

Cycling can get you leaner and fitter

If you’re looking to shed a few of those wobbly pounds before the summer is well and truly here. You’ve likely taken up running or jogging to give your cardiovascular fitness a boost and tone up your body for bikini time. The trouble is that it can be hard on your joints if you’re predisposed to osteoarthritis or other bone / joint conditions. Cycling, on the other hand, burns calories and tones your abs, thighs and bum without impacting on or inflaming your knees, hips and ankles.

It can even make you smarter

A lean, toned body isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from regular cycling. You’ll also benefit from improved mental health and cognitive function. As you pump those pedals, the blood vessels in your brain will get more oxygen and nutrients while all those firing nerve cells will actually aid the production of new brain cells. So, not only does cycling make you fitter, it makes you brainier, too!

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  1. 30/05/2018 / 6:38 pm

    Regular cycling will lead to healthy life.. nice post.

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