Improving Yourself Through Travel

Improving yourself through travel

Wanderlust strikes us all at some point or another. Generally speaking, it is a strong or innate desire to travel the world. If you spend hours browsing Pinterest boards, pinning images of exotic locations; if your search history is filled with TripAdvisor reviews and rankings; or you tune in to travel documentaries on the television, chances are that you’re experiencing wanderlust. While many people travel simply for photographs to show off to their friends, it’s important to remember that travel can offer so much more than warm climates and cute Instagram pictures next to iconic tourist hotspots. It gives you the opportunity to experience the wider world. You can immerse yourself in new cultures, listening to new languages, trying new food, meeting new people. But travel can also help you to improve yourself in more practical ways too. Here are a couple to consider!

Organising Yourself

Package holidays have made us a little lazy when it comes to travelling the world. We simply browse different offers online, then click buy. Everything else is taken care of on our behalf – the travel agents will book your room and flight and organise your transfers. While this is pleasant for a completely carefree getaway where your sole aim is to relax by a pool and empty your mind, it’s not necessarily the best way to experience the wider world. Heading away on a road trip gives you a whole lot more responsibility and encourages you to take the reins on your own life. You have to find reliable yet affordable rental cars, plan a route from one place to another, book accommodation en route so you can stop off for rest breaks, and make sure you can reach your last destination in time for your flight home.

Build Lasting Relationships

While solo travel can be liberating, road trips pose the perfect opportunity to build lasting bonds with other individuals. Now, there are various benefits that come hand in hand with doing a road trip with someone. You will be able to share driving responsibilities. Allowing you to get to different places sooner and also allowing each of you to take a turn enjoying the surroundings rather than staring at the road ahead. But the intense trip with a travel partner also allows you to really get to know someone. You’ll be next to one another pretty much all day every day. You may experience some bumps in the road – literally and metaphorically speaking – and overcome issues. This truly is an opportunity to build the bond of a lifetime.


These are just two ways in which travel can help to improve you as an individual in extremely practical ways. So, rather than sitting at home living vicariously through others’ images and posts on their adventures, it’s time to take to the open road yourself! Just make sure to be as organised as possible and pair up with someone who you can see yourself bonding with well! You will have the trip of a lifetime!

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