To Hull & Back: Planning For A Weekend On Humberside

Kingston upon Hull, also known as just Hull, was named City of Culture in 2017 and is now a pretty popular weekend destination. The east Yorkshire city is certainly one to add to your bucket list, especially if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful few days away.

Given that your time in this region will probably remain quite limited, it’s imperative that you tackle it in the right way. Here’s all you need to know.

a weekend on humberside

Where To Stay

While Hull does boast several hotel chains, the key is to focus on location. While getting around the city isn’t overly difficult, it pays to have a central base. When you look at Hull B&B options, prioritising location and cleanliness will serve you well. Of course, you may still have a few minor luxuries on the agenda.

Still, knowing that you’ve selected good accommodation that doesn’t cost a fortune will offer a solid foundation for the perfect weekend.

What To Pack

On the one hand, you probably won’t do the same level of walking as on a trip to Scotland. Then again, there are a lot of parks such as Pearson Park and Peter Pan Park. Therefore, it may be worth packing a pair of walking boots. Meanwhile, you can never trust the weather, which is why rain jackets are advised even in summer.

The weather needn’t stop you having immense fun, but being prepared for it is key.

What To See & Do

A weekend on humberside

As a City of Culture, it should come as no surprise to learn that Hull has a lot of great sights. In addition to the natural parks mentioned above, a trip to the Humber Bridge is essential. This is one of the most famous bridges in the country and was the longest of its type at the time of construction. It has been beaten since then, yet is still a must-see attraction.

Hull’s Old Town is particularly impressive, especially if you want a relaxed afternoon of walking followed by great food. The Streetlife Museum and History Centre are worth a visit too. The Maritime Museum and aquarium can also be incorporated in the same day.

If visiting on the weekend during the sports seasons, you could watch Hull City AFC or Hull KR. Both football and rugby are passions that bring the people together.

Where To Drink

If spending a weekend in Hull, you’ll almost certainly want to enjoy a night out on the town.

Anyone looking for bars and pubs is in for a treat as this list of Hull pubs shows. The Welly Club is one for dancing while a comedy club can provide lots of laughs too. The prices are very pleasing too, especially if travelling up from London or anywhere nearby.

The people of Hull are great value too. All in all, with this plan of action at your disposal, there’s no doubt that this can be one of the best places to spend a weekend. In the UK or further afield.

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