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  1. Giana says

    I love your photos! Deffo agree with the ‘another one’ post aha – sometimes when I’m travelling and then I’m back home I feel annoying posting more photos from the trip after I’ve left but sometimes they’re just too many nice ones to post haha! x



  2. Tina Russell says

    Hi. Thank you for this post; it makes so much sense and it is refreshing to read. I do feel guilty if I take a break from my usual schedule but you have helped reinforce I don’t need to. I’m also going to bookmark this blog for future reading 🙂

    • emibeccamarven says

      Aww it’s okay! I get it, I love keeping to my schedule but I really don’t need to! Aww thank you so much! xx

  3. Yeah Lifestyle says

    I totally agree with you. As a blogger I get so worried on what I post and if its going to offend anyone although we do practice freedom of speech here in the UK. Enjoyed reading your post and love your style as well.


    • emibeccamarven says

      Aww thank you! Exactly we really don’t need to worry – at the end of the day we’re only human x

    • emibeccamarven says

      Awww no I hope you’re feeling better lovely! Yesss exactly, you need to look after yourself first! xx

  4. Lauren-J says

    Love the realness of this post!! Definitely agree that the blogging community needs to stay raw and real – that’s the best thing about it is being able to relate to other bloggers and trust their opinions!! Beautiful pictures as well!!

    Lauren | laurenjcole.wordpress.com

  5. Sarah says

    I definitely see a lot of people apologising when I think, nooo there’s no need!! Another one is people apologising (normally on Instagram stories) for not having any make-up on or not having perfect hair. And I’m like nooo, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s your space and that’s just how you look, don’t apologise!!


  6. naturalsoul78gmailcom says

    Love this especially the one about taking a break. Most of us already kill ourselves at times trying to create new and fresh content, but to feel bad about having to unplug for a bit is unfair. We are humans just like everyone else and deserve a little time to rest and be relax.

  7. Shirin says

    Preach! I totally agree with you. As a creative, I think breaks are totally necessary and can be so helpful in allowing us to recharge or find inspiration to produce even better content.

    Shirin | http://www.queenshirin.com

  8. Hayley Williams says

    Love this post! I totally agree with you on the #ads, in a normal job if someone got commission etc it wouldn’t be thought twice of, would it? There’s so much stigma around it. Xx

    • emibeccamarven says

      Aww thank you!! Yesss exactly, if you love the brand and you’re earning money you should celebrate it! Xx

  9. Georgina Gardner says

    Yes, yes , yes and also yes! These are so true and you’ve hit the nail right on the head there. We absolutely shouldnt be apologising for these things yet we always do. I’m definitely going to take this on board and be less apologetic with things that I really dont need apologising for.

  10. Brooke Nicole Clarke says

    Bloody hell, your photographer is alright, isn’t she? 😉 But I honestly couldn’t agree more about all of these! I’ve seen so many people apologising for posting so many ads, but like you said, someone with an office job wouldn’t apologise for going to work 5 days a week! xx

    Brooke | http://www.brookeclarke.com

    • emibeccamarven says

      Gurl she’s bloomin’ talented I’ll tell you that 😉 Yessss exactly! I was always so bamboozled by it! xx

  11. Gemma Louise says

    I’m terrible for apologising for ads even though it’s my job… and taking a break! I always feel super guilty when I don’t blog for x many days! So silly!

    • emibeccamarven says

      Gal I love the content you create so when I see you’re earning from it too I’m like HELL YAAS as you bloomin’ well deserve it! And you deserve a break to let yourself refresh a little! xx

  12. Hayley Williams says

    I love this post! I’m always saying sorry and was just about to write in a Twitter blog group ‘sorry I haven’t posted’ when actually, I’m not sorry I’ve had lots of family time and had a lovely couple of weeks. I think sometimes life gets in the way and that’s fine! But it’s equally as fine if you’re completing on it and posting three times in one day. Fab post xxx

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