Friendship Goals

There’s nothing better than friendship. Friendship is having that one person that you can talk to about absolutely anything, and the one person who is going to get you like pretty much no one else will in the world. Friendship is having someone who can make you laugh with all of the inside jokes you have, and knows how and why you’re feeling the way you are before you even do. If you think about it, a friendship is extremely similar to a relationship with a partner, which is why you shouldn’t take them for granted when you have a good one. However, it’s easy to drift from your closest friend as you get older, which really can suck. So, here’s a few ways that you can keep the friendship spark alive for longer.

Surprise Treats

Just like you would get in a relationship, surprise treats really are something fun for you to have off of eachother. It could be something as simple as turnin up to their house with a chocolate bar. Or it could be something that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into. Whichever one it might be, we think you should do the latter every so often. If you have a look at gift ideas from Cuckooland, you’ll be able to see a wide range of gifts that could be perfect for your best friend.

But make sure that it is completely a surprise. Sometimes it’s nice to just brighten up someone’s day with a gift like that! If you’re unsure of what to get them, which we really don’t think you will be, then using a link like that is really going to help you. We would advise that you don’t spend too much however. It can often be intimidating for the other friend if they know that you’ve spent so much on them, but they can’t afford to give you as much back another time.

Weekly Meetups

This is essential, yet it’s something that seems to fade into the distance as you get older. If you think about all of the free time that you have in a day however, you should be able to find enough time to meet up with your best friend, even if it just be an hour to catch up. You could go round each others houses, or you could go for a coffee. Just having that time away from the rest of life, and being able to catch up on a bit of gossip is just what a girl needs.

A Girls Holiday

Now this is something special. Going away with your best friend is a holiday like no other. You’re able to enjoy the company of someone who is going to make you laugh no matter what. And you’ll probably have the same interests. So you’ll be racing around enjoying the same things. You might have a bicker here and there, but that’s what best friends are for! You’ll be laughing about it again before you know it. Pick a fun destination with plenty to do, and you’ll have the time of your lives.

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