My Summer Playsuit Picks

I love a good playsuit, a part from when it comes to the whole loo situation. But we can look past that. And I think that playsuits are a big trend this year, I mean they’re a big trend every year but I’ve just seen so many this summer. And I’m not complaining, heck I could live in playsuits. They’re simple but so so pretty and can be worn for basically most occasions. So I thought I’d share my summer playsuit picks for y’all. Like always I’ll keep it nice and affordable as I’m a budget gal like that. And there’s a mix of everyday to fancier ones to a bit of both, a playsuilt to suit everyone! I mean I’ve literally been wearing the same playsuit to death recently as it’s perfect for summer. It’s in basically every other Instagram lol.

summer playsuit

I didn’t want this post to just be a bunch of links to playsuits, so let me tell you about my favourite styles currently. Which is honestly anything flowly, simple and super summery. I’ve seen quite a lot of lace ones which are perfect for day to night clothing which I’ve got my eye on. But I’m also just enjoying the simplicity of a nice one piece. So long as it’s not too sticky on me because this heatwave has me sweating in places I didn’t know could product that much sweat. But anyway, here we are!


And there are a few of my summer playsuit picks! I’ve not had much time to create content recently, hence the very small, infrequent posts but I’m hopefully going to get back on it soon! What outfit are you wearing on repeat this summer?
Em x
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    • emibeccamarven
      06/07/2018 / 5:03 pm

      They’re so so pretty I want them all haha! X

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