Jo Bloggs Syndrome: The Inevitability Of Blogging

The inevitability of blogging

Start a blog, they say. You’ll be rich and famous, they scream. Lots of things inevitable about blogging, but the latter isn’t one of them. Being the boss and being in control of your life and career is exhilarating. Take it from a person who picked up the gauntlet and ran with it kicking and screaming into the future. However, one thing many bloggers notice on their journey is the rhetoric.

Nothing is guaranteed in this business, and you have to work hard to get by and be successful. So, with that in mind, it is probably a good idea to look on the dark side of blogging, the inevitabilities which are unavoidable. Don’t worry though, because there are fixes too.

Indebted To The Cause

Debts will rear their heads and cause problems. Sorry, but blogging is an expensive career choice and no one hands out free bundles of cash. In the beginning, there are lots of expenses which eat into the budget. A website doesn’t come cheap; neither does a domain name or a logo or a patent. Regarding marketing, it’s essential to speculate to accumulate or else traffic will stagnate. has the fix. Breaking debts into manageable chunks lower the cost as well as the responsibility. Hopefully, the money will come back around ten-fold.

Wild Thoughts

Rihanna and DJ Khaled aren’t the only people to experience wild thoughts. From a blogging perspective, the fact that nothing is going to plan impacts your attitude. What started out as “I’m going to rule the world” changes into “Am I cut out for this?” Emotions and feelings such as these are inevitable, hence the title of the post. However, your reaction isn’t and that is the important thing to remember. Maybe you aren’t cut out for this life, but the only way to tell is to give one hundred per cent. Never give in too soon.

Kit Kat, Anyone?

You’ve got to have that Jeff Bezos work ethic mixed with the Mark Zuckerberg mentality. At least, that’s what publications such as what you to believe. Sure, working hard is a foundation of any successful career. There isn’t a person on the planet with a reputation that didn’t put their all into their life. Still, blogging is time-consuming and fatiguing, and working too much is a sin. Granted, it doesn’t say as much in the bible but we can all read between the lines. Sometimes, a break is as effective as typing into the early hours.

Chanandler Bong

Life isn’t a sitcom, and the trials and tribulations of the cast of “Friends” aren’t real. Bloggers understand this better than anyone due to their lifestyle. Not to say you’ll never see them again, but relationships do get strained. After all, the blog comes first and that is hard to swallow. Real BFFs recognise the drive and the passion and give you breathing space. Others will make it about them and their feelings. Cherish the former and forget about the latter.

What do you find inevitable about blogging?

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