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    • emibeccamarven says

      I love having real plants, granted I mainly get fake as I’m not the best at watering but it’s so nice to get some real ones as well! xx

  1. Kallista Matheney says

    You’re right! All of these tips are great and bringing the outside in was my favorite part! I loooove the florals and greenery, I never thought of using other things such as stone.

    • emibeccamarven says

      Ahh thank you! As do I! Stones such an interesting texture, I tend to incorporate in my ornaments x

  2. Tanya says

    I try and have fresh flowers as much as possible, unfortunately because of my mischievous cats I can’t have too many house plants!!


  3. Lauren-J says

    I’d love to get some more fresh flowers and even faux plants for my room! The most I have at the moment is a teeny tiny cactus because he doesn’t require too much maintenance! Xx

    • emibeccamarven says

      Yessss same! I really want some sunflowers but have nothing to put them in haha! Gurl I feel that I literally get succulents as they’re so low maintenance xx

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