Where To Find The Best Burgers In The UK

Best burgers in the UK

The burger is a food which has been one of our favourite cheat meals for years and years. It is a classic food which we often enjoy in the barbecue, at the takeaway and even in gourmet restaurants. The UK has some amazing burgers to choose from. And here are just some of them listed for you to go and try this year.

The Grazing Shed

Voted the best burger in wales recently, this is one of the best burger restaurants of all and offers a huge range of amazing burgers for you to try. Make sure you take the time to taste the John Wayne burger during your visit. Which is made of a beef burger with a mix of Cheddar, smoky bacon, BBQ sauce, cajun mayo, red onion confit, ketchup, lettuce. It’s mouthwatering, tasty and proper British food.

Almost Famous

Manchester might not be the capital of the country. But it is the capital of awesome burgers. Manchester has a price advantage over London because things are cheaper in the north. So you will be able to enjoy a burger at Almost Famous which is much less expensive than one in London. Almost Famous offers a burger called The River Phoenix. Which contains two cheeseburgers topped with bacon, crumbles frazzles and baconnaise. It is the ultimate cheat day burger and you will love every single mouthful.

Soho Kitchen & Bar

The easiest possible choice on this list, you simply have to try the double cheeseburger with bacon from this restaurant because it might be a simple combination, but it is the most wonderful combination that there is. This burger was even voted the best in the US even though it is situated happily in London. You will enjoy melty cheese, meaty beef and crispy bacon all on the most tasty bun you’ve ever had.

Solita Bar and Grill

The Animal Farm burger from this restaurant in Manchester is the epitome of a man’s feast. If you love a good meaty burger and all the trimmings, you will want to save your appetite ready for this huge meal. This is a true burger feast and contains a pork loin, chicken breast, steak beef patty, cheeses and a lamb chop to finish. This is a burger which you have to try if you love good meat, and you will be hooked from the first bite.


Another entry from London, this is a burger place which is designed to mimic In-N-Out. The name of the burger you will want to order here is a little unconventional. But you have to laugh at the British humour in this place. The Dead Hippy is a burger which features two mustard covered patties, shredded lettuce, pickles, American cheese, and sauce which is all placed on a thick, yummy bun. It is the epitome of a British style burger and will marry the idea of british and American flavours seamlessly.

If you love a good burger. Take a trip to the UK this summer and make an excuse to try some of the best burgers they have on offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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