The Great Australian Bucket List

Totalling over 7.6 million kilometres squared, Australia is a huge country. Not only is it large, but it has a whole lot to offer. From the lands down under to magnificent ocean biodiversity, major world cities, and paradise islands. So it’s not all too surprising that you might struggle a little when it comes to compiling a list of what to do while you’re there. You’ll want to fit in as much as possible! So, here are a few major attractions that you might want to consider adding to your Australian bucket list and incorporating into your schedule!

Australian bucket list


One of Australia’s greatest allures is its stunning wildlife. If this is what’s drawing you to the country, number one on your list of places to visit should be the world renowned Great Barrier Reef. This is, of course, the world’s largest coral reef and comprises over 3000 reef systems and coral cays. But the coral isn’t the only thing to be seen here. The reef is an extremely biodiverse place, offering a habitat to thousands of beautiful fish (such as clownfish, lionfish, and coral trout), turtles (including loggerheads, green sea turtles, leatherbacks, flatbacks, and the olive ridley), and thirty species of whales, dolphins and porpoises. All of these live and swim alongside manatees, dugongs, and sea snakes too! If you do manage to get to the Great Barrier Reef, remember that while snorkelling is generally a must on most people’s bucket lists, there are so many other activities to take advantage of too. Why not consider diving, taking a glass bottom boat tour, or seeing the reef from above on a private flight.


If you’re into sport, you should buy tickets for the Aussie open and travel in January. This will secure a spot in one of the most viewed tennis tournaments in the entire world. Held in Melbourne, this event will see some of the best faces in tennis pass through Melbourne Park, battling for the ultimate title.

Australian bucket list


Now, we can’t create an Australian bucket list without mentioning the iconic Bondi Beach, can we? Steeped with historical and cultural relevance, this beach is visited by hundreds of thousands of people year round. Who can blame anyone for wanting to spend time on soft sandy beaches with stunning blue waters? Reserve at least two days when passing through this area to dedicate to sunbathing, watersports, and swimming. It’s simple, but it’ll be a truly satisfying as well as relaxing rest break for you.

Now, these are, of course, just a few things that you can do while you’re in Australia. There are plenty of other more niche and specific things that you might end up adding to your bucket list as you conduct more and more in-depth research. Sure, these places, activities, and events may be relatively commonly visited, but this is for a good reason! They’re reliable, stunning, memorable, and won’t let you down!

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