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  1. Absolutely loved this post. I’ve made so many amazing friendships through the online world, people who I would have never met otherwise and I think thats amazing. People who share the same interests as me and people who I can chat to for hours on end. Its so heartwarming.

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Loved this post! I relate too much to a lot of this especially the forgetting to reply because I’m making tea aha.

    • Literally! Exactly, alas we can’t avoid the dicks but there’s plenty of lovely likeminded people to connect with! x

  3. It’s honestly amazing how many people you can meet online that can soon become your friends! It’s so lovely in the blogging community how this can happen! You made me laugh with the knitting socks for dogs sort too Em!

    Isobel x

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    • Isn’t it! The blogging community is so open and lovely I bloomin love it hahaha thanks gal xx

  4. This is such a lovely post! I’m just like you, reserved on the outside but completely confident online. I’ve definitely had a bad experience with online friends but I know there’s lots of lovely bloggers who are supportive and creative. xx


  5. This post is so lush! I’m the same as you – quite reserved in person but much happier to perk up online! 😂 there are so many lovely people out there especially in the online blogging community! 😊 Xx

  6. I’ve made so many friends online and through my blog, and since I deal with a bit of social anxiety, it’s become such an easy way to maintain somewhat of a social life whilst being busy and dealing with chronic illnesses, etc! Love these photos, Emily.

    Sharni | http://www.agirlandgrey.com

  7. In 2015, I met one of my now best friends through twitter & because of blogging. I think it’s amazing how technology was able to bring us together; a friendship that wouldn’t be possible even 10 years ago, especially considering I live in California and she, near London. Loved this post x


  8. Yes yes yes to this post! I was in a similar situation as you, I wasn’t ill but I didn’t have a lot of friends and the friends I did have were all outside of uni, outside of the country even! Now I’ve found so many more people that I have a true connection with, even if I’ve never met them (yet!) and I couldn’t be happier with what my little blog has brought me


  9. I’ve made so many friends online/through blogging and I’m so grateful, I have no friends with baba’s but now have so many that I’ve made through twitter etc and it makes the whole parenting lark a lot less lonely!

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