B.A, Humbug! How To Avoid A British Airways-Like Disaster

How to avoid

British Airways has recently had to admit that some of its customer’s data have been lost. Not only that, credit card information might have been compromised too. Potentially, millions of people could be at risk of fraud thanks to BA and their lack of practices.

2018 seems to be the year of data leaks, with other incidents at companies such as Facebook and Carphone Warehouse. One thing an SME can learn from their huge cousins is how not to fall foul of a data breach. BA might get a fine and lose custom; your business will disappear off the map.

Here’s how to avoid a British Airways-like scandal.

Define Your Policy

A company is like a living organism with hundreds of moving parts. Trying to get everyone to do the same thing at once is almost impossible. Everyone is different and will act in the way they seem fit. Still, a policy with definitive rules will encourage them to do as you say, not as you do. This is especially true when the consequences are severe. The key is to bring as many elements under one roof as possible. As well as teaching employees how to use a VPN, also give them guidelines on office email accounts.

Secure The Server

The little details have a huge impact. In the case of BA, it seems as if hackers sneaked their way onto the website undetected. There are plenty of ways to do it, yet the simplest answer is usually the correct one. How can a remote thief access your server? The answer is simple: through the wifi for one. A router without a password is a straightforward way for a hacker to manipulate customer data. Also, the same goes for email accounts and anything linked to the server. To secure the info, you need to think small as well as big.

How to avoid

Invest In Tech

Protecting customers and their information have never been harder in some respects. The good news is it is simple as long as you have the correct technology to hand. Software programs are more advanced than ever because they can detect wrongdoing without any manual input. A KYC check will be able to tell whether the person using the card or asking for data is the individual in question. Anti-money laundering tools can reveal which sources are shady and their intentions. Even a free antivirus program should be able to set up a solid firewall.

And Understand It

To pick the right technology, you have to understand how it works. Take cloud computing. To store data, businesses use the cloud as it’s effective and saves money. However, most of them are public and share space with other companies. Or, they’re not as well protected as customers like to believe. Do you remember the celebrity hacking scandal? So, you need to speak to your provider and ask what they do to ensure a high level of security. If the answers aren’t thorough, then you should reconsider.


Good luck because data leaks are no joke. Do you think you have what it takes now?


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