3 Ways Of Giving Yourself Space To Breathe

Sometimes life can be hard work. In fact, it can be far too easy to get overwhelmed both physically and mentally. Luckily, there are some activities that you can do to help you cope with challenges and curve balls that life throws at you. They’re as easy as breathing in and out too! Read on to find out more.


Most people think of yoga as a competition. To see if you are bendier than the next person in the gym. Or a struggle to contort their bodies into the most advanced and elaborate poses. But that really isn’t what it’s about at all.

Yoga can be a fabulous way of giving yourself some space to breathe.

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In fact, yoga was originally developed as a method of training the body and mind to be able to stand long hours of sitting meditation. Therefore a considerable part of yoga is breathing right as you form the poses or asanas.

Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that all yoga has to be done at a fast pace in a boiling hot gym. While you are wearing a neon crop top! In fact, you will find that there are plenty of slow flow yoga classes around which give you much more time to get in tune with your breath and feel the poses you are in. Something that many people find not only restored. But also very calming as well.

Tai Chi

Another fantastic activity that is concerned with the breath is Tai Chi. Traditionally a form of martial art. It is now a non-contact and peaceful way of combining meditation and working out.

Tai Chi consists of a number of set moves that in tandem with correct breathing are designed to regulate the flow of energy in the body. There are two main styles available in the UK, Lee, and Yang. So it’s sometimes worth taking a few classes to see what suit your personal style the best.

The good thing about this activity is that is can be done just about anywhere, and as you can even get Tai Chi Lessons Online now, it’s totally possible to practice in your very own home. Perfect for those of us that can’t get out to a class every day because we are super busy and have too much on our plates!

Sitting Meditation

Of course, if all of that sounds far too active, you could always go for a simple sitting meditation instead. In its most basic form, the idea is to use the breath as a point of focus. Coming back to it whenever you’re mind wanders. Oh and believe me it will!

In fact, the whole idea is not to have a solid focus on your breath for the duration but to gently and non judgmentally return your attention to your breath when you notice it has wandered.

Of course, that means you don’t necessarily get to clear your mind of thoughts. But instead you will learn to accept them as they are without giving them greater meaning. Something that can be hugely helpful both on the cushion. And in dealing with the stresses of day to day life.

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