3 Tips for Transforming and Rediscovering Yourself, from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Rediscovering yourself

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Life’s meant to be a great adventure where we stay on track, do ourselves proud, and have the kinds of experiences that we’ll be happy to write about and remember for all time.

Sometimes, though, even the best of us ends up in a slump, where everything seems grey, and where we struggle immensely to know what the right course of action is. Motivation can come very hard in these moments, not to mention a clear insight into what we even really want out of life.

Whether you’ve found yourself in this kind of quagmire at the start of your professional life, just after living school, or after decades of making your way in the world, it’s very important to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take some small and productive steps to get back in touch with yourself.

Here are some tips for beginning the process of self-transformation and rediscovery, from the comfort of your home.

Use DVDs, apps, and the internet to begin a holistic practice like Tai Chi

Ancient practises like Tai Chi are still with us specifically because they’ve stood the test of time. For centuries, these kinds of holistic arts have proved useful and uplifting to generations of people, and that means they’re well worth considering and taking seriously today.

An art like Tai Chi will not only give you a light workout, it will also get you used to centring yourself, relaxing, and getting in touch with your internal energies.

Using videos such as those produced by Tai Chi Productions US, you can begin your Tai Chi practice at home, and join up with a local group if and when you feel ready.

Create a master journal for planning your days and organising your thoughts

It’s almost impossible to accurately describe just how powerful the act of writing things down can be. When we write things down, we articulate our own thoughts, and come to understand our ideas and desires better.

One of the most powerful self-transformation and rediscovery techniques out there is to create a “master journal” with an index, which you use for collecting records of your ambitions, daily to-dos, projects, and thoughts.

The Bullet Journal system created by Ryder Carroll is ideal for this. It can be as incredibly simple and stress-free as you like, or it can serve as an opportunity to explore your artistic and design skills.

Do a review of all your habits and focus implementing powerful keystone habits

Habits drive us in life, far more than most of us realise. Professional estimates suggest that the vast majority of our daily actions are automated and habit-driven in one way or another.

In his world-famous book “The Power of Habit”, Charles Duhigg makes a point about what he calls “keystone habits”. These are habits which have a ripple effect, and cause spirals of change in other areas of your life.

Waking up early, for example, might be a keystone habit for you.

Do a review of all your habits. Focus on which positive ones you want to adopt. And which negative ones you want to replace. But most of all, focus on implementing positive keystone habits.

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