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  1. Alicia By Nature says

    Interesting post! I don’t think that anyone should feel like they have to blog about their illness(es) – whether mental or physical because it is a really personal thing for a lot of people. You also shouldn’t ever feel excluded from a community just because you haven’t talked about your own experience. That’s such a toxic mentality to have; I can’t believe some people think like that. I personally talk about my own experiences to raise awareness and because it can be cathartic (I find it really hard to talk to people face-to-face about it). But it’s different for everyone and that should definitely be respected. x

    Alicia | http://www.aliciabynature.co.uk

  2. foreverseptember1 says

    I’m sorry you have to suffer with a chronic illness, I suffer badly with my mental health and often it leaves me house bound so I can somewhat relate. I totally respect the fact you don’t want to blog about it as well, its all down to personal preference I guess but I totally understand!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle says

    Completely relate to this post and respect your feelings. I blog on occasion about my medical conditions purely to raise awareness as not many people have heard of them. I don’t write them in my social media bios or focus my blog niche on them as I feel that would mean I’m defining myself by my conditions. I first started blogging to take my mind off them too and it’s something very personal. Such a great post X

    Megan | https://meganelizabethlifestyle.com/

  4. Elen Mai says

    This is definitely a brave post to make and more power to you chick! You’re never obligated to post anything other than what you’re comfortable with and as long as you’re happy producing your content that’s all that matters. x

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