Beauty Treatments to Consider In the New Year

The new year is fast approaching and January tends to be a time where we start focusing on self improvement and presenting ourselves in a better light. Here are just a few different beauty procedures that you might want to consider trying out for a change!

Manicures and Pedicures

Chances are that you’ve had a manicure and pedicure at some point in your life so far. But many of us indulge in them as a rare treat. Instead, for the new year, why not make more of a regular habit out of this? Realistically, you should have these treatments carried out once every two or three weeks in order to keep your nails trim and in shape, as well as coloured without chips. Going for a manicure allows a professional nail technician file your nails into shape and then buff them down to smooth perfection. If you find that your nails chip or peel easily, or if your natural nails don’t grow well alone, then you should consider requesting gel varnish. This is painted on like regular varnish, but is set by a UV lamp. They have a greater shine and are less likely to chip, with polish staying strong until your next appointment. If you prefer fake nails or particularly long nails, try acrylic. This leaves more room for fun designs too if this interests you!


The new year is fast approaching and many of us will be making resolutions to alter our body shapes in the gym. But if you find that you have areas of fat that are a little harder to shift, you could always bring in a little intervention. You can Find out more at The procedure can remove fatty deposits and contour your body to a shape that you are more comfortable with.


We are paying more attention to our eyebrows nowadays than we might have in a while. This could be thanks to the thicker and fuller look that is in thanks to models such as Cara DeLevingne. If you’re looking for a new method to keep your own brows in shape, you might want to consider eyebrow threading. This is a low cost treatment that is relatively painless and quick. It originates from Asia and the Middle East. It is appropriate for sensitive skin, so better than waxing for some. Also, it can give a more pronounced shape than plucking, as it removes extremely fine hair by sweeping a twisted cotton thread across the area.

These are just a few different procedures and treatments that you might want to consider. Different options will suit different people better, but it’s good to bear them in mind!


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