How To Rescue Your Blog From Internet Obscurity

There are thousands of blogs online – probably millions. We haven’t counted – but how many of them actually get bookmarked on a daily basis? If you’re a regular blogger. You are just one of many, hoping and praying that your blog will be lifted from internet obscurity and into the hearts and minds of a regular base of followers.

To stand out from the pack isn’t easy, and neither is it easy to pick up a regular readership (other than your mum), but to help you, we have picked out two essential elements to give your blog the best chance possible.

You need to…

  1. a) Produce awesome content, and
  2. b) Do all you can to promote your blog.

Let’s go into a little more detail.

Produce awesome content

If your blog isn’t worth following, then you have no chance. Content is key, and we are talking about both the written word and the visual style of your blog.

When it comes to the words you write, you need to tell great stories. Think about the niche your blog falls under, and write something that will engage the reader. Focus on subjects that are current within your niche, pick out topics that are trending, and whether you write something that is personal or practical, write with feeling. The more of your personality that comes out in your writing, the more engaged the reader will be with what you are trying to say. And if they like what you say, and should they relate to you, they might well hit that bookmark button and return to you again and again.


You need to remember that first impressions count. If your blog is visually unappealing, then your visitors aren’t likely to stick around for long to give your posts a chance. Therefore, you need to place some of your focus on your visual content.

For starters, you need to focus on your blog design. If it’s more than a little ugly, with unattractive colours and a cluttered interface, then you aren’t doing your blog justice.Take inspiration from the blogs you have bookmarked yourself, and research trending blog designs to find ideas for your personal blog.  People will stick around if they like what they see.

Then concentrate on the photos you use on your site. Sure, you could use stock photos from the various ‘free photo’ sites. But (whisper it) they do become a little boring. Every other blogger will be picking from the same photo collections, and your readers will tire of seeing them. Instead, try taking and editing your own photos – this is the equipment we use – and you will be able to post something that is more personal to your blog.

To really make your blog stand out, you might also work others to help you create your vision. So, you might hire freelance writers occasionally to bring a fresh new voice to your blog posts, for example. And for your photoshoots, you might hire professional photographers to elevate your blog’s visual appeal, and/or use the services of companies such as Evergreens UK, who can provide the perfect flooring for photoshoots. When you lack the professional touch yourself, the occasional expense is worth it if you want to attract more readers and make money from your blog’s brand.

Promote your blog

You have put the work in, so now you want people to see your blog. The easiest way to attract the attention of others is to promote it across your social media networks. Then encourage your contacts to link your blog to their own fans and followers.

Another way to get your blog noticed is to ensure it’s easily searchable online. By using these advanced SEO tips, your blog is more likely to appear on the first page of Google, rather than be relegated to the lower entries of the search page, where internet obscurity awaits.

There are many other ways to promote your blog – there are (count ’em) 107 ways to get your blog noticed here – so use as many as you can to reach the largest readership possible.

Say goodbye to internet obscurity

We hope we have provided enough advice here to help you. By producing both awesome written and visual content. And by working hard to market your blog, you should have little trouble standing out from the blogging crowd. Let us know what you think. And if you have any ideas of your own, do the right thing by sharing your wisdom with us. Thanks for reading, and happy blogging!


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