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    • As am I to be honest! I love the Topshop ones but I don’t like spending that much money haha xx

  1. I’m trying to invest in more timeless neutrals rather than buying anything and everything I see on Instagram – less is more! Still searching for that perfect pair of jeans though. This is such a helpful post and I love the imagery!

    • So true!! I like buying the odd statement thing but less is definitely more and makes life so much easier haha! Thanks lovely! xx

  2. This was a great post and also your photos are so lovely! This was such a helpful post too, all I’ve been wearing lately is black boots and hoodies as they are so warm, great post x

    • Ahh thank you! I’m so glad, you can’t beat a hoodie and some boots this time of year x

  3. These photos give off serious scandi vibes- I love them. An oversized knit is so essential, I love my camel toned knit from Mango, I never take it off so cost for wear is definitely low. I’m definitely into a trusty black boot but more of the chunky type, my vagabond dion boots are perfect.


    • Ahh thank you! I live in my oversized knits too you definitely get your moneys worth haha. I do like chunky boots but I just don’t suit them, maybe one day I’ll experiment with them more!

  4. I was literally nodding in agreement throughout this post. Every single piece is an essential for me! Though 2 things I would have added would be a leather jacket and a pair of all white trainers. They have saved me SO many times and just go with everything! Absolutely love your photography as well by the way!


    • Aww yay! I was going to add both of those bits but the post was getting a little long haha! Ahhh thanks gal x

  5. You’re like me when it comes to Jumper and denim skirt. Do I wear those two items in rotation everyday?? Hell ye? I have so many of them my mum has put an official ban on them she’s tired of me ordering more .

    • Yesss I’m exactly the same sometimes I’m scared people think I have a wardrobe like a cartoon character where it’s the exact same outfit hundreds of times haha!

  6. Okay first of all, loving the photos! Second of all, I’m really trying to work on this, I’ve got the good ole pair of jeans down, which I love swapping out jumpers with. I think I need a blazer to go with my white tee or maybe a good knit jumper next. Love all these suggestions!
    With Love Yossy x

    • Thank you my dear! I need to add a blazer to my collection as well I think, they’re such a nice touch! X

  7. Agree with all these, I especially couldn’t live without black boots and an oversized knit x

  8. *raises her hand*
    Me, it’s me you’re looking for. I don’t own a single white piece of clothing.
    Great post and this is so true. right now, in winter time, I basically live in knitted sweaters and jeans. Casual wear i mix them with my winterboots. If I’m dressing up I can pair it with a few pieces of jewellery and a nice pair of shoes (depending on how much it rains of course) it’s so versatile.

    • Ahh no, at least you got good wear out it, it’s had a well worn life haha! Black boots are my best friend I live in them! X

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