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  1. Funnily enough I did a little nasty gal order today in excitement for spring / summer and I got some cream trousers and a long cardagin + silk skirt so great minds think alike!

    I’m totally up for joining you for going to Costwolds please and thank you! Loved this blog post, it’s got me thinking about my plans for the new season ahead!
    With Love Yossy x

    • Ah no way, we’re so in sync! Yesss come join me you’d love it! Thank you so much angel x

  2. I’m so excited for spring after reading this post! Everything just feels fresher and more jolly with the approaching warmth and longer, lighter days ahead. I’m still searching for the perfect satin skirt and knitwear combo!

    And yay for working on your photography portfolio – that sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see more of your work, lovely ☺️

    Milenka x
    Blushing Lately

    • Aww yay! Yes, so true, I can’t wait for longer evenings and fresher air! Me and you both lovely, especially as I’m such a shorty haha! Aww thank you so much xx

  3. Oooh reading about your travel plans makes me so want to hop into the car and drive to the farthest corner of the UK, because I’ve never actually explored many cities here as I’m always going abroad. The Cotswolds is absolutely beautiful so you’re going to have a fabulous time there!

    Good luck with all of your spring goals!

    • Ah yay! There’s so much on our doorsteps we wouldn’t believe, it’s crazy how I’ve lived in the Cotswolds my whole life but never really explored it. So very excited to have some stay-cations, thanks lovely! xx

  4. Oh this made me so excited about Spring! Even though I’m more of a Winter person myself haha. Such a lovely moodboard.

    ✖ Jasmin
    // overdosedoncaffeine.com

  5. I love this post! The mood board is gorgeous and I want everything on it! It’s so great that’s you have a lot of goals for the upcoming season, I still need to sit down and figure it all out! Great post x

  6. I love this aesthetic. Spring is one of my absolute favourite times of the year, because everything blooms and comes to life again. Good luck on your spring goals xxx
    Love your blog btw

    Nathalie | nathaliesnow.com

    • Ahh thank you! Yessss, I love when spring comes around!
      Thank you so much that means the world! xx

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